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January 14, 2022



One of the most challenging parts about dating a partner from another country (especially a Japanese) is the language barrier. It's easy to learn everyday phrases such as ordering dinner at a restaurant and asking directions. But there are some more sensitive topics that you will find harder to come across and pick up. One being, SEX. That's why our team at Osaka Bros created an Ebook Guide in September to help out our fellow Bros. We released "The Lazy Bro's Guide to Having Sex in Japanese", a Japanese sex dictionary full of useful Japanese sex words and phrases. (If you haven't downloaded the Ebook Guide yet, scroll down to the bottom of this post first and sign up!) In this ebook, the Osaka Bros team accumulated a list of Japanese sex terms. Simple but important words and phrases that you can use when you find yourself in an intimate situation with a Japanese girl. From simple Japanese sex vocabulary such as what does 'Manko' mean in Japanese, all the way to how to say 'sit down and suck'. So far, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive comments. And we are happy as hell that we could be of help! In addition, we also received tonnes of questions asking for more specific detail on when and how to use some words and phrases. We figured there might be other Bros out there with the same questions, but too shy to ask. So! in this post, I will address the most common questions we received and hopefully give you more insight into some of the Japanese sex words we listed in our guide. Let's get into it! Japanese Sex Words - To Cum

Japanese Sex Words 1: To Cum

Let’s first start with the end. One of the most popular questions from our list of Japanese sex words and phrases was why 'cumming' in Japan is pronounced as 'going'? Firstly, in Japan, the general word for ‘To climax’ is ‘Iku’. ・“I’m going to cum” = Iku (イク) ・“I’m going to cum” Ver 2 = Icchau (イっちゃう) Feminine Version ・“I’m cumming!” = Iku!!! (イク!!!) For those that know some Japanese, you may have picked already picked this up. But, the word for 'To cum' (Iku) is a homonym of the word Iku (行く) meaning ‘To go’. It's funny that in Japanese Iku’ is similar to ‘To go’ whereas in English ‘To cum’ is similar to ‘To come’. Is it a coincidence? Maybe so...But many Japanese themselves don’t know exactly why this word is used. (This may be the same case for English speakers and the word ‘cum’ too).

The Origin of 'Iku'

Like others out there I wasn't content with not knowing 'why'. So I asked a whole bunch of Japanese guys and I found a possible origin. In the Edo Period, the Japanese would say Ki wo Yaru/Ki wo Iku (気をやる/気をいく) to describe an orgasm. ‘Ki’ meaning spirit or energy and 'Yaru/Iku' in this context a verb meaning to release. With the popularization of Japanese AV porn in the 90's, the phrase was apparently shortened to just ‘Iku’. This is just a hypothesis and one of the more plausible explanations of the origin. Some Japanese would say that it literally did come from the phrase 'To go'.  As in ‘To go and reach a level a satisfaction'. Some even would say that it is like ‘Going to the heavens’. Either way, if you hear this word it means that you are doing a good job. Also, don't forget to use it to give your partner a heads up! Always a good idea to have some manners. Japanese Sex Words - Penis

Japanese Sex Words 2: Penis

The next Japanese sex word we got questions about was the most important part of the male body. How to say 'dick' in Japanese. Just like in English there are a number of ways, from formal to slang words that you can use.

Main Terms

・Penis = Penisu (ペニス) ・Peepee = 0-chinchin (おちんちん) ・Dick = Chinko (ちんこ) ・Dick Ver2 = Chinpo (ちんぽ)

Interesting Variants

・“My son” = Musuko (息子) ・“Junior” = Junia (ジュニア) ・“Down there” = Asoko (あそこ) Now the big question is which term do you use right? Out of the main 4 terms, they are all totally understandable and there isn't any danger in using them.  (Your female partner might have some preferences though). However, if I was to separate the above terms in finer detail, I would categorize them as below.


‘Penisu’ obviously comes straight from the English word 'Penis'. And just like in English it can be used in more formal situations. You will most likely not say or hear your partner use this word. But it is most often better to be used somewhere like the doctors.


‘Ochinchin’ (sometimes referred to as only chinchin) is more commonly used in baby-talk or when talking to children (such as parents). If I was to translate it into English, it would be on the same level as ‘peepee’. However many grown Japanese men and women don’t have a problem with using the word between adults too. Just remember that some people may find it childish.

Chinko and Chinpo

The terms ‘Chinko’ or ‘Chinpo’ would be the safe option for all grown up Bros out there and is translated to be the equivalent of 'dick' in English. These two versions are pronounced differently but mean exactly the same thing. However, if I was to pick up the subtle differences, Chinko is apparently more commonly used in the Kanto Area, whereas Chinpo is used in the Kansai area. Also, to some, Chinko is the general word for 'dick' in Japanese and Chinpo is used when talking about a ‘large’ penis. In the end, choose one of the above that you think fits your one-eyed monster the best! Just for reference sake, in Japan, there are also specific Japanese sex words only used in some dialects and parts of Japan. In Akita Prefecture, they call it Kamo (カモ), in Okinawa Prefecture Tani (タニ) and in Miyagi Prefecture, Nanbanpenoko(なんばんぺのこ). Japanese Sex Words - Blowjobs

Japanese Sex Words 3: Blowjobs

Now, let’s get into some Japanese foreplay vocabulary. Once again, just like in English there are many ways to phrase a sentence when asking for a blowjob. ・To give a blowjob = Fera wo suru (フェラをする) ・Give me a blowjob = Fera wo shite (フェラをして) ・To lick dick = Chinko wo nameru (ちんこを舐める) ・Lick my dick = Chinko wo namete (ちんこを舐めて) ・To suck dick = Chinko wo shaburu (ちんこをしゃぶる) ・Suck my dick = Chinko wo shabutte (ちんこをしゃぶって) Firstly, the noun for a blowjob in Japanese is ‘Fera’ and is adapted from the more dictionary-based English word ‘Felattio’ (Originally from Latin origins of course). However,  you can use other verb phrases to portray more particular things than just 'blowjob' like 'suck' and 'lick'.

Level of Politeness and Rudeness

In regards to the level of politeness/rudeness, the above phrases are all very direct and straight-forward Japanese sex dictionary phrases. So use them wisely! However, for Bros out there that prefer a less ‘direct’ way of asking for a blowjob, you can use the phrase ‘Kuchi de shite’ (口でして), which roughly translate to ‘Do it with your mouth’. Without the need for a subject, you can avoid using sex words such as 'blowjob' and 'suck'. This might be the ideal phrase for partners who are little shy to talk about sex, or you want to leave a more 'gentlemen' type impression on a girl. Japanese Sex Words - SM

Japanese Sex Words 4: Sadist and Masochist

Last is a set of words that are commonly misinterpreted when used in Japanese 'dirty talk'. Firstly, for reference, the words Sadist and Masochist in English are defined as the following: ・Sadist = a person who derives sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others. ・Masochist = a person who derives sexual gratification from their own pain or humiliation. To the majority of people who aren't familiar with, or maybe have no interest in the above, a 'Sadist' and 'Masochist' are words you might naturally relate to SM bondage and 'Extreme' sex. However, in Japanese, these words are abbreviated to 'S' and 'M' and commonly and very loosely used to describe a person's stance on sex. In the Japanese sex dictionary, there are referred to as: ・‘S’ = A person who likes to tease, take control and initiative ・‘M’ = A person who likes to be teased, taken control of and doesn’t take initiative So in other words, to the Japanese, a 'Sadist' or ‘S’ is just someone who likes to do the ‘doing’. And the reverse is an ‘M’. You will also find that when a person is more inclined to be an S or M, the Japanese will put a ‘Do’(ド) in front of the letter. ・A person who extremely likes to tease … etc = Doesu (ドS) ・A person who extremely likes to be teased … etc = Doemu (ドM) In some cases, when a person uses these terms, they may be referring to SM, Bondage, Spanking etc. However, the majority of Japanese men and women use the 'S' and 'M' letters only to differentiate between a person who likes to do the work (S) and a person who likes to be a starfish (M).

In Conclusion

There you have it Bros! I hope this post has shed some light on a few of the Japanese sex words and phrases we picked up in our Japanese Sex Word Guide. Obviously, in the end, a guy shouldn't need words to practice the art of sex. So think of this information as just bit of helpful general knowledge, that may come in handy in the future! But remember, if you might only have one chance, you might as well get the most from that one night right! And not to mention learning Japanese sex words and phrases comes in really damn handy if you go to a hotel health or delivery health in Japan! If there are any other Japanese sex words and phrases that you want us to elaborate on, or even some that you could add to the list, comment them below! We will make sure to keep working hard to produce the 2nd version of the "The Lazy Bro's Guide to Having Sex in Japanese". Look out for it coming soon!

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