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January 14, 2022



Before coming to Osaka, I wasn't prepared for the summers of Japan. I remember the day I arrived here all too clearly. It was August, around this time and it was the peak of summer. Getting off the plane into the un-air conditioned dock leading to the main airport. As soon as I took one step into that tunnel, I felt a gush of hot and humid air hit my face like a hot air dryer. “Fuck me”, I thought to myself. I hated the humidity in Japan. However, even if I dreaded the hot weather, over the years I found that there are a lot of good things about summer in Japan. To me, summer is more enjoyable with these things: Girls in yukatas, summer festivals, fireworks, suikawari (smashing watermelons with a stick after being spun hundreds of times). But most importantly...beaches and beautiful Japanese girls in bikinis. Yes, Japanese girls in bikinis. Summer is the best time to see girls in their most natural form - without push up bras and heavy makeup. In addition to seeing their goods that their mothers gave them. During summer there is an abundance of activities and food that Japan has to offer. But it is also a great season to meet girls. With long summer holidays, this makes for the perfect time for you to hit the beaches and go on your summer-fuck hunt. For those of you searching for summer flings, here are my reviews of my favorite beaches near Osaka. Beaches near Osaka for Checking Out Japanese Girls - Suma

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Best Beaches Near Osaka: Suma

Whenever the word summer comes up, I always hear the word “Suma”. It’s almost synonymous to summer here in Kansai. Suma can be easily accessed by Suma Station, Hyogo on the JR Kobe line west of Sannomiya. Approximately 50 minutes from Osaka station. This beach is one of the most popular beaches near Osaka among all ages. But when universities are on vacation, you can expect to find hot college students and groups from 20’s to 30’s. And as you know already, these students are often young, looking for adventure and just wanting to have fun. On occasion, there are even events with DJ’s playing. Unfortunately, Suma is often known to be a little dirty. People often complain about the cleanliness of the area which is why it is more known to be a nampa (pick up) spot. Instead of people going to Suma to swim, they often just hang out and party on the beach. It’s a good place for the atmosphere, and for meeting new people but not actually enjoy the water. It gets really crowded on the weekends and national holidays in the summer which can't be helped as it is one of the beaches nearest and easily accesible from Osaka. Beaches near Osaka for Checking Out Japanese Girls - Nishikihama

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Best Beaches near Osaka: Nishikihama

Nishikihama is one of the best beaches near Osaka for its clean and clear water. If you’re more into water activities, and actually enjoying the water, I recommend Nishikihama. The beach can be accessed by Nishikihama Station, Sawa, Kaizuka City. It is about an hour away from Osaka Station. The geography of the beach is a little different to that of Suma with a 1-kilometer white sand beach alongside green pine trees. The name literally means “Two Color Beach”. Compared to Suma, here you can experience the summer and beach atmosphere fully with jet-skis, wind surfing (if there is any wind at all). You can find rentable equipment like big ass floaties, and many areas to hang out in big groups over 25 people. If your group is small, you don’t need to reserve, which is a plus. Also, barbecuing is permitted! Because of the availability of accommodation and services, it has more of a family oriented vibe. But that doesn’t mean that babes aren’t included in the mix. Nishikihama attracts all kinds of crowds. In my opinion, Nishikihama will give you the ultimate beach experience here in Kansai and is one of the go-to beaches near Osaka. With barbecues, water sports, and accommodation nearby, there are just more things to do. In addition, to checking out girls. Also, overall, it’s just cleaner and more beautiful than Suma. Most people make a day trip to Nishikihama, but there are beach houses and many hotels that you can rent out around the area. Beaches near Osaka for Checking Out Japanese Girls - Shirarahama

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Best Beaches near Osaka: Shirarahama

If you have more time and have a weekend to go out and stay the night, Shirarahama is a great choice for vacationers looking for beaches near Osaka. It can be accessed by Shirahama Station on the JR line. It takes approximately 2.5 hours from Shin Osaka on the limited express. It’s a bit far compared to the other mentioned beaches near Osaka, but worth the time. Also, it’s also not as big as the other beaches at 800 meters. But that means it’s more compact and proximity will work in your favor. Shirarahama is one of the more beautiful beaches in the Kansai area because of its white sands. These sands were imported from Australia (Cheaters). In peak seasons, such as Obon, it brings flocks of people and is known to be super crowded in the summer time. However, as a popular vacation spot, there are many hotels surrounding the beach which makes it the perfect place to meet people on vacation who are normally relaxed and ready to have fun. People on vacation mode are more willing to do adventurous things like chatting to random guys, even sharing a barbecue. They are generally less guarded and don’t have high walls which make it easier for you to approach them sexy ladies in bikinis. Moreover, Shirahama Town is famous for their onsens and many have private onsens for you to reserve and rent. A good place for couples if you ever dreamt about banging in hot water. But I’d rather not get into a hot spring during a hot season. Beaches near Osaka for Checking Out Japanese Girls - Spa World

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Other Good Summer Spots

In addition to the above beaches near Osaka, there are many more summer spots in the Kansai area. For example, Lake Biwako is a great place to chill out in summer and meet people. A man-made lake which looks like a beach. It’s a big lake in Shiga prefecture next to Kyoto where many people pitch tents for the day and barbecue. It can get crowded so if you plan to go, make sure to go and pick a spot early. Another place to check out girls is Spa World near Shinimamiya. Usually, onsens and spas are separated by sex as you’d have to be nude to use the baths. However, Spa world also has indoor pools with water slides which both sexes and enjoy together. Same goes with all water parks. Beaches near Osaka for Checking Out Japanese Girls - Last Comments

Last Comments

When trying to find a beach to meet and pick up girls, it’s important to think about the factors depending on what kind of age group you go for. Season, time, age group, the people who go there, and how crowded it gets are things to consider. These beaches near Osaka that I mentioned are mostly for the crowds. But you can find other beaches which are more secluded and private which of course are better for couples. In my opinion, the best place would be Suma due to the amount of university and younger age groups that go there. Not to mention it is one of the most easily accessible beaches near Osaka. If you’re not into that and if you want a more mature selection to choose from, I suggest Nishikihama or Shirarahama. However, when taking age into account, the younger crowd just tend to be more DTF. The mature crowd, around and over 30 want to have a serious relationship as marriage is coming around the corner. Of course, it depends on the girls that you aim for. However, I believe that any beach and any place with people, there are many possibilities if you are really determined to get someone. So the last piece of advice I’ll give you bros is this:

Be Proactive and Lure Girls with Fun

Go out to the most crowded beach you can find and set your base there for your hunt. Have beers, gaijin music playing, and a barbecue running so that you can easily invite wandering girls to your party. Food and drink is fucking important! Also, use your gaijin powers to lure them over. Have a few games or activities that you can play - beach ball, inflatables, etc. Don’t just go there to sit down and watch people. Show them that your group is fun as hell and that you’d give them the time of their lives. More than any other regular group of Japanese guys. With this, you’ll definitely pull them beach hoes.

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