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January 14, 2022



When socializing with Japanese girls, whether it be a chance encounter at a bar or nightclub, dating, or teaching that cute student you can’t stop fantasizing about at your (adult) eikaiwa, at some point, they will enquire about what your blood type is. This is something I still find a bit messed up. Especially when someone just comes out and asks me out of the blue. I think why would I know that? Not even my mother has an idea what my blood type is!!!

Blood Type Personality Theory in Japan

In the west, blood types aren't exactly the most common topic of an everyday conversation. The only time it really does come up is when you are giving or needing blood. Which is fair enough. However, in Japan, a large portion of society believe that your blood type has more meaning. It is said that your personality, temperament, and habits are an inherited result from your certain blood type. Similar in a way to the beliefs of astrological signs in other western countries. Especially popular with young women, you can even find blood type horoscopes in the newspaper and TV news.

Blood Types in the Dating Scene

The most popular use of blood types is in the dating scene. Blood types are referred to when gauging compatibility with a potential partner in all aspects of dating. Finding a partner, getting married and can be even be used to gauge sexual compatibility. In regards to the reliability, there have been studies with no definite answer from what I have been told. However, even if it isn't scientifically proven, the Japanese believe it in. They don't care about the scientific findings, they just want another reason and excuse to stereotype others in order to mentally put people in groups in their mind. Believing in it or not is entirely up to you. When you are in Japan, there is a high chance you will not be able to avoid this form of stereotyping. But, it's not just for the girls. Guys can also use it to be selective with their partners too. Here we take a good look at blood types from a guys point of view. And how they are related to the world of dating, marriage, and red-blooded fornication in Japan. Dating Japanese Girls Blood Type A

Blood Type A Japanese Girls

Let's start with the Type A ladies first. A lady with Type A blood is generally smitten with their lover and can't have sex without love. When they do, (GASP) they are not sexually adventurous. They are difficult to seduce and not generally up for one night stands. When they do fall in love, they fall deep, man. A word of warning, Be careful when committing yourself and showing loyalty to the Type A. If you cheat, she will release a firestorm of glorious revenge on your lying ass!!! A bro's recommendation: This is a great girl to marry and settle down with, but make sure you can commit. Dating Japanese Girls Blood Type B

Blood Type B Japanese Girls

A Type B lady typically falls passionately in love but is all poker-faced about it. This girl is said to be a social butterfly and very popular. We all have seen this girl at the bar who circles the room chatting with random people. If you manage to net this one, be careful as she will often be self-centered and have quite high standards that will be difficult to live up to. But if you manage to rise to the challenge you will be rewarded. Sexual adventurousness, openness to visiting love hotels and going all cowgirl on you is a trait of a Type B. A bro's recommendation: Great if you have the expendable cash. But if you ain’t got much, save yourself some heartbreak and not look for a long term relationship. Dating Japanese Girls Blood Type O

Blood Type O Japanese Girls

Type O are the romantics who are pure ladies with strong motherly instincts. Can be the jealous type, but likes to get freaky and try out new positions in bed because she tends to get bored of the same old submission. Being fickle is another common characteristic; sometimes wants to make love two or three times a day. Other times can go for months without making love. A bro's recommendation: Sounds like a great MILF!!! But if this girl is young she could be a potential nightmare. Dating Japanese Girls Blood Type AB

Blood Type AB Japanese Girls

Lastly, theType AB ladies who are a bit of an air head who can't tell fiction from nonfiction. Usually, wants her dream man who will usually have a lot of money with a great paying job. She is a gold digger pretty much of the time. Due to the airiness of the AB type, they will often make love in order to get something material. But in other identical situations demand that they be loved for their mind, not their body. On the upside, if you do score one of these, she will suggest positions. Also reluctant to make a commitment unless Mr. Right who checks all the boxes comes along. A bro's recommendation: Sounds like a trophy wife if you want one, but if you're lucky, a great one night stand. There we have it, all the blood types explained. Do you believe in these blood type stereotypes? Which blood type is the most attractive for you?

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