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January 14, 2022

When you come to visit or live in Osaka you are guaranteed to find a variety of services to fulfill your sexual needs. Whether it be a hotel/fashion health, delivery health, pink salon and so on, the quality is by far on par with Tokyo. Now, all these services, of course, are a ball of fun. But how about we say you wanted to try something that you can only experience in Osaka. Get a real taste of the history of the sex industry and culture. Well, I definitely have the perfect place for you. I recommend you go and visit Tobita Shinchi the ‘Little Amsterdam’ of Osaka! Located in Nishinari Ward, Osaka City, Tobita Shinchi is the biggest Red Light District in the Osaka area. And one with a long and rich history. Known all over the world as the old-school sex haven of Osaka it is a place that every bro will end up at. Or at least hear about during their travels. For Bros who have read my previous posts, you may have noticed that I lean more towards writing guides on call girls and escorts. However, Tobita Shinchi has a special place in my heart. It was one of the first culture shocks (a positive one) I got when I first got into the Red Light scene in Japan. And just a bucketful of amazing experiences. So, for all the Bros out there who haven’t had the chance to go yet, or have been and couldn’t quite figure everything out, here is the Definitive Guide to Tobita Shinchi in Osaka for foreigners! The Definite Guide to Tobita Shinchi Osaka for Foreigners Red Light

The Most Famous Red Light District in Osaka: Tobita Shinchi

First of all, for all Bros who have never heard of Tobita Shinchi in Osaka (and for Bros who do but need a recap) let’s go over what this magical place is. In Osaka, there is a famous group of Red Light Districts called ‘Osaka Go-Dai Shinchi’. Roughly translated as the ‘Osaka Big Five Shinchi’ and includes Tobita Shinchi, Matsushima Shinchi, Shinodayama Shinchi, Imasato Shinchi and Takii Shinchi. And as I said above, Tobita Shinchi is the largest of the list with more than 100 different ‘stores’ housing sexy Japanese girls to help you release your sexual tension. Now, when you imagine a Red Light District I am sure most of you would picture neon lights, racy signs, and girls in glass windows. But Tobita Shinchi is a Red Light District far from this. Slightly camouflaged in a semi-residential area in the south of Osaka City, Tobita Shinchi is a group of blocks lined with regular (although old-school) looking buildings. It’s like stepping back in time to the Showa period. From afar it looks just like a normal neighborhood, with houses, shops, and restaurants. However, when you first enter Tobita Shinchi, you will know exactly why it is called the ‘Little Amsterdam’ of Osaka. As you walk through the streets you will find rows of small stores displaying young, sexy and dolled-up Japanese girls sitting right at the very entrance for you to check out, possibly choose and have fun with. These Tobita Shinchi girls try to welcome you by waving, smiling and showing off their bodies in a sexy outfit. All the while an older Japanese lady (one at each store) called a ‘Yarite Babaa’ in Japanese who is like the girl’s manager will call out and try to lure you into the store.

Sound too Good to be True, Right? Well, it’s Real!

Now here we will stop for a second. For those that know, or have read the introduction guide to Red Light districts in Japan you should know that prostitution in Japan is ‘illegal’. So why is the whole Tobita Shinchi district still in operation? Because they are technically not ‘brothels’. They are restaurants. And the girls giving ‘services’ are considered as waitresses! The Definite Guide to Tobita Shinchi Osaka for Foreigners History

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The History of Tobita Shinchi in Osaka

Prostitution was accepted by the Japanese law in the past. Until 1958, when the first prostitution law forbidding the acts of money exchange for intercourse were enforced. With the introduction of this law, red light industry services were forced to make changes or adapt to find loopholes in the law to continue their businesses. Even until this day. Soaplands turned from brothels to regular ‘bathhouses’ on paper to disguise their services. Later, hotel and delivery health services started providing sex-oriented services that included everything but penetration. Meaning that they are operating within the law of not selling actual ‘sexual intercourse’. In the case of Tobita Shinchi, on paper (and even on the map), stores are classed as restaurants or ‘Ryoutei’ in Japanese. So, the Tobita Shinchi area is actually considered to be a restaurant district. And even governed and protected by its own union the ‘Tobita Cuisine Union’ or ‘Tobita Ryouri Kumia’ in Japanese that enforces this camouflage. On the outside they are innocent restaurants, but for those looking they are legal stores where a Bro can pay to put it in. In Japanese, it is called ‘Chon no Ma’ (チョンの間). Like a soapland, Tobita Shinchi is a place that is utilizing the interpretation of ‘Free Love’.

The Story Goes Like This

You, the hungry and innocent customer finds a nice looking restaurant. You go in and get served some drinks and snacks. And you coincidentally fall head over heels for the beautiful waitress that serves you. You fall passionately in love and do the dirty deed in the store, within closed and private doors. The relationship you have during the time you are in the store (even for that short time) is considered ‘love’. Something that can only be judged and decided by the people involved. You and the beautiful waitress. The police, and pretty much the whole of Japan can’t do shit about it!

Arriving and Doing the Rounds at Tobita Shinchi

Now that we have gone over the background and history and you understand exactly what Tobita Shinchi is, let’s get into the more fun parts. Checking out, choosing and experiencing ‘Free Love’ with a Tobita girl! Open between the hours of 10 AM to 12 Midnight, the first thing you would normally do when arriving at Tobita Shinchi is to go for a brief walk around the neighborhood. Of course while having a peek at all the girls and stores. With more than 100 restaurants you will find a vast variety of types of girls. You will find cute ‘Kawaii’ girls, sexy ‘Model’ girls, the fully-dolled up ‘Gyaru’ girls and the I can’t believe you are working here ‘Posh’ girls and so on. Every corner you turn there will be a lineup of absolutely gorgeous girls to choose from. There will definitely be one or two that would tickle your fancy.

Two Things to Look Out For

After doing a few laps of the Tobita Shinchi area you will notice two things. The first, some stores will be ‘empty’ meaning that some will not have a girl sitting at the entrance. Only the Yarite Babaa (Sometimes they aren’t there too). These stores are currently ‘in use’ and servicing a customer. When the sessions are over, the girls will return to sitting at the entrance. The second is that you may notice a difference in the quality of girls depending on which street you walk through. Stores in Tobita Shinchi aren’t necessarily specialized in one type of girl, such as a store for petite girls, another for gyaru girls etc. However, the area is made up of 3 main streets that are said to be divided by quality. 1) 青春通り = Seishun Doori (Youth Street) 2) メイン通り = Mein Doori (Main Street) 3) 大門通り = Ohmon Doori (Big Gate Street) Check out the Osaka Bro’s Map of Tobita Shinchi below for precise divisions of streets! Click the image for an enlarged image, and details on the exact store names in numbered order! The Definite Guide to Tobita Shinchi Osaka for Foreigners Map1000

The 3 Main Streets: Tobita Shinchi Road Map

Out of the 3 main streets, Seishun Doori (Youth Street) is by far the most popular for girls with outstanding model and celebrity class looks. You will find that the majority of stores will have girls in their early 20’s and definitely the youngest lineup of all 3 streets. It is said that Seishun Doori has a high percentage of girls who are university students. Mein Doori (Main Street) has the most stores and a similar level of quality to that of Seishun Doori. Some say the quality is a little lower, but they honestly will still blow you away. The only main difference would be the general age of the lineup of girls. On Mein Doori you will find girls in their mid-20s and up. And is said to the street that has a lot more working girls such as OLs (Office Ladies). Lastly, Ohmon Doori (Big Gate Street) is the shortest street and with the least number of stores. Here you will find girls that are a little older (but not a lot!) than those on Seishun and Mein Doori. In regards to quality, when compared to the other streets you will find more ‘Naturally Beautiful’ and unique girls rather than ‘Cute’ or ‘Sexy’. While walking around Tobita Shinchi many Bros end up falling into the vicious cycle of indecisiveness. Not to mention it is easy to lose your bearing as all the stores look identical. (Stores have name signs but I doubt anyone would read them). So if you remember to use the above map and make notes of each the street it is easier to make a decision.

Note: There are Actually 6 Streets

Not indicated on the Osaka Bros map, but further south of the main area there is an additional area with 3 unique streets. 1) 妖怪通り1 = Youkai Doori 1 (Monster Street 1) 2) 妖怪通り2 = Youkai Doori 2 (Monster Street 2) 3) 新天地町会通り = Shintenchi-Cho Doori (Shintenchi Street) The area with these three streets consists of Tobita Shinchi stores with girls that are generally a lot older than the main area. And is sometimes called another name ‘Nenkin Street’. Meaning ‘Pension Street’. You will find Youkai Doori girls are usually in their 30’s and up and are the ‘Older Woman’ or ‘Housewife’ types. From the naming of the first two streets, you would probably imagine the area is somewhere out of a horror movie. But this isn’t the case. It is said that ‘looks-wise’ they may not be as hot as girls in the main area. But they make up for it with their techniques. With age comes experience right? An intriguing place for Bros who have a thing for older girls or Bros who just want to give anything a try! More in-depth information reports on this area coming soon! The Definite Guide to Tobita Shinchi Osaka for Foreigners Entering

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Choosing and Entering a ‘Restaurant’ in Tobita Shinchi

After you have done the rounds of all the streets and mentally noted a store (or stores) that caught your eye, it’s time to go back and enter a store. When you reach the store you will be welcomed by the Yarite Babaa, the manager of the store. Since you are a foreigner, she will probably use some random English words such as ‘Come on!’ and ‘Beautiful girl!’ and so on to try and convince you to have a closer look. If you show your interest you will be asked what length of stay/session you are after. (At the entrance of any store, all negotiations are done through the manager, while the girl sits there looking pretty). There are stories out there that claim that some stores are not foreigner-friendly. However, from my personal experience and the experience of guys on our team, the large majority are all happy to serve you. If by chance you were to be rejected, it isn’t by the store. It is usually by the girl. When a foreigner shows interest or comes up to a store, the Yarite Babaa would first consult with their girl to see if she is willing to service a foreigner. All done very ninja so many foreigners don’t realize. However, if the manager is all smiles and wailing ‘Come on handsome man!’ then you know it’s a sign that you won’t have any problems. If you do by chance get rejected (Even without Japanese you will know) then just be on your way to the next store.

Tobita Shinchi Prices

So let’s say you’ve confirmed your choice. The Yarite Babaa will explain the prices below. If your Japanese skills are totally non-existent then you will be shown a laminated piece of paper with the prices and times on it. ・20 Minutes = ¥16,000 ・30 Minutes = ¥21,000 ・45 Minutes = ¥31,000 ・60 Minutes = ¥41,000 There is also a 15 Minute session available at ¥11,000 but is apparently only available to Japanese customers. (An unwritten rule between the stores in Tobita Shinchi and something we can’t do anything about). Once you choose your time length and confirm with the Yarite Babaa that you are keen, you will be invited to take off your shoes and step up into the store. Your chosen Tobita girl will then guide you up (sometimes holding your hand) to the second floor and to the ‘Play’ room. The Definite Guide to Tobita Shinchi Osaka for Foreigners Room

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Game Time at Tobita Shinchi

Upon arrival at the girl’s room, you will first notice that it is a very compact space. Tobita Shinchi rooms are usually small tatami rooms with a futon, a desk of some sort and dimmed lighting. No toilet or shower. As you settle down and make yourself comfortable, your girl will once again ask you what time length you are after. Tell your girl what you are after and hand over the fees. She will first leave the room to go and pass it onto the Yarite Babaa waiting on the first floor. Obviously no credit cards! When your girl returns she will bring you a drink, some snacks and an oshibori (wet towel). This is in a way just to play along with the scenario that you are dining at a restaurant. But either way, you can have a quick sip and munch while you briefly get to know each other.

Now Here’s the Important Part

When you both are ready, its time for the service to start. Firstly, you will be instructed to take your clothes off (she will too) and lie down on the futon. She will first give your penis a good clean with a wet towel or wet wipe. Obviously, there is no time to get properly cleaned up, and it is a restaurant after all. After you have been scrubbed up, your girl will put a condom on you with her mouth and proceed with a blowjob to get you hard and ready for the full service. When the one-eyed monster is ready for some action, you can insert and for gold! There is no foreplay involved (besides the blowjob to get you perked up). In most cases, there isn’t enough time anyway. However, the majority of girls will not allow you to kiss or finger them. You may get the rare one that does, but as a general rule of thumb, you are not allowed. However, from personal experience, you are allowed to touch their breasts and change positions. As long as you are keeping the time limit in mind. Boom, boom, bang. When you have blown your load, your girl will clean you up once again with a wet tissue and it’s time to get dressed.

A Tobita Shinchi Souvenir

Lastly, before you are escorted back downstairs you will be given a lollipop or ‘Peropero Candy’ as it is called in Tobita Shinchi. You might find this to be a very weird thing to give as a souvenir. However, it actually has a relatively significant meaning. If you walk around Tobita Shinchi with this lollipop in hand (or mouth) you will notice that the once enthusiastic Yarite Babaa ladies would turn quiet. This is because the lollipop is a sign to show that you have already had a session at a store. So naturally, you guys with an empty tank aren't a 'potential customer' to them anymore and they stop pestering you. So you are free to fade off into the night! But remember this lollipop doesn't mean you can't go again! The Definite Guide to Tobita Shinchi Osaka for Foreigners Pros

The Pros and Cons of Tobita Shinchi

Now up until this point, Tobita Shinchi sounds like a wicked awesome place right? Well, it really is! But just like any other sex services, there are some good and bad points. Which of course will differ depending on the Bro, his preferences and his goal for the night. But for those interested, I will quickly go over some of the Pros and Cons of Tobita Shinchi when compared to health services that I personally enjoy so much.

Pros of Tobita Shinchi

The most significant Pro of Tobita Shinchi is without a doubt the fact that you can physically see what you are paying for before you take the plunge. When you step into that store entrance, you are only a meter or so away from your potential bang. Just by standing at the door you can check (and double check) a Tobita girl's face and body type etc to make sure you are getting your money's worth. And to top everything off, full service is guaranteed. Compared to another service such as a hotel health, you only have a profile picture to make your big decision on. And sometimes if you go to a 'cheeky' store, that profile picture is photoshopped up like a boss. If you don't do your homework and research in advance like checking a girl's online website diary, you may encounter some hit and miss sessions. Not to mention for Bros really looking for full service, you definitely won't get any at a health service unless you really know what you are doing, and a decent sweet talker.

Cons of Tobita Shinchi

The biggest con or negative point about Tobita Shinchi actually really depends on what a Bro is looking for. As I mentioned above, there is little to no foreplay involved in a session at Tobita Shinchi. Sometimes this is due to time constraints and sometimes even the enthusiasm/motivation (or lack of) from the Tobita girl. For some, it feels like there is no intimacy, no connection and no opportunity to create a 'sexy mood'. There is also not much time to talk. So to put it really simple, you jab in, pull out, and stroll out the door. When compared to a service such as a hotel health or delivery health, you can tell that a health service has more focus on creating an experience for the client. The length of a health course generally starts at a minimum of an hour (there are 45 min places). There is more than enough time to get past self-introductions and have a genuine conversation. You have a chance to get to know each other and create that mood you are after. Not to mention, whether it is in the bath, or on the bed, you get a chance to enjoy some foreplay. You can touch her, and different to Tobita Shinchi, your girl will touch you too. You get the opportunity to enjoy what people call a 'Girlfriend Experience'. Obviously, there is a trade-off in most things in life. For being able to experience full service in Tobita Shinchi you have to give up intimacy and foreplay. On the flipside, to get that GFE like in a hotel health you just can't put it in. Both are important! So they aren't really a Pros and Cons I guess. Everything will just depend on the particular goal of your night out!

Final Bro Tip

There you have it Bros, the background, history, and ins and outs of Tobita Shinchi in Osaka. To start wrapping up this guide I will share a pretty obvious but important Bro tip. I say this to every Bro I take or go to Tobita Shinchi with. “If you find that special girl you want to root, don’t piss around. Get your dick in there quick” Tobita Shinchi is an eye candy paradise. Beautiful Japanese girls lined up in every direction you look will mess with your sense of reasoning in some ways. But as I stated in this guide, many Bros end up easily falling into the deathly spiral of 'indecisiveness'. After a lap or two, you may have narrowed down your choices to one or two girls. But you might end up being greedy and think “I want to have a better look, let’s do another lap” or “Oh wait what was around that corner again?!” And so on. Understandably, with just so many steaming hot options, choosing a girl can be a very difficult decision to make. But sometimes having too many options can actually be a bad thing and lead you to make the wrong decision or missing out.

Two Reasons Why You Should Act Fast

Firstly, if you don't pick a Tobita girl and enter the store the very time you pass by, there is no guarantee that particular girl will be available when you go back. Take a Friday or Saturday night as an example, on a busy day the streets are full of guys looking for the same thing as you. Just like any service, it is 'First come, first served'. Another guy might happen to take the girl you were lining up while you were wandering around. Depending on the course, you may have to wait up to an hour just to see that girl again. Secondly, it may seem like there is only one Tobita girl available at each store. However, there may be multiple. Depending on the store, there may be an extra 2 or 3 other girls in the lineup waiting inside the store. Only one girl can be 'promoted' a the front of a store at a time. So the lineup of a store is constantly changing on a rotation. From what I've heard, some places rotate after each session, and when there are no customers, girls can be rotated as quick as every 7 minutes! It's obvious that waiting, being indecisive and doing too many laps of the area is just a recipe for disaster. No Bro wants to settle for their second or third choice when you have your Number 1 right? If you see that perfect Tobita girl for you available, act fast!

In Conclusion

That's it for this guide Bros! Phew... this was a long one! I hope this guide has shed some light on some questions about Tobita Shinchi you might have had. And for the guys that want to go but a little indecisive, I hope it has given you that extra nudge to go out and give Tobita Shinchi a try! Lastly, with this guide being so long, I have written up another separate guide for 'Directions' and how to get to Tobita Shinchi. Check out 'How to Go to Tobita Shinchi from Umeda in 25 Minutes (With Pictures)' here!

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