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January 14, 2022



Are you on a business trip alone in Japan and feeling lonely in your hotel room at night? Maybe you are a Bro wanting some action but don't want to wander aimlessly around the red light districts at night. OR you are just a lazy bastard and want a sexy Japanese girl brought to you like a present, ready for some hot fun! For you Bros, I recommend a Delivery Health Service! The more convenient counterpart of Hotel Health and Fashion Health services in Japan! Note: Don't know what a Health Service in Japan is? Check out our Adult Guides first!

Delivery Health Services in Japan

A Delivery Health in Japan (commonly referred to as 'Deriheri' and sometimes 'Shucchou Health 出張ヘルス') is pretty much identical to that of a Fashion or Hotel Health. You pay for a sexual encounter with a beautiful Japanese girl. Blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs etc are all offered on the menu. You can get pretty much anything! Except, of course, actual sexual intercourse. Obvious from the naming, but there is one big difference when compared to other Health services. A Delivery Health 'delivers' and is a 24 Hour dispatch-style of service specialized in sending an escort right to your doorstep. Clients must contact the store and make all arrangements via phone or email. On your reserved day and time, the store would chaperone the female escort you reserved to your hotel, apartment, or when necessary to a love hotel. Making a reservation is of course mandatory. As you may already be able to tell, a Delivery Health service is what you could call the closest thing to a Japanese Call Girl! Everyone on the same page? Right, Let's move on to the fun stuff! Here are all the finer details when organizing a Delivery Health in Japan for the first time. Delivery Health in Japan -Type

Finding your Ideal Delivery Health Store

First things first, you have to go on the search for your ideal Delivery Health store. Just like any Health Service you can look up stores using the power of the internet and big Red Light Industry portal sites such as City Heaven and find a store of interest. Or you can refer to reviews on Osaka Bros (Coming Soon! In the meantime check out our a review on a Hotel Health in Osaka). But before you jump the gun and settle on a store, you have to know that there are 2 different types of Delivery Health Stores in Japan.

Haken-Gata 派遣型 (Dispatch Type)

The first and most general type you will find is the Haken-Gata (Dispatch Type) of Delivery Health. You call the store up and then wait for the doorbell to ring in your hotel room, love hotel or your own apartment. The store would deliver your girl straight to your desired location. This is what you would usually envision when generally ordering a call girl.

Machiawase-Gata 待ち合わせ型 (Rendezvous Type)

The second type is less common of the two. This Machiawase-Gata store would deliver your girl to a predetermined location, where you, the client has to go and pick them up from. These pick up locations are usually easy to find landmarks in the area such as 'in front of the Lawson Convenience Store' or 'Outside Exit 5 of the main station'. It is still classed as 'Delivery' but you just have a limited number of places to get your girl delivered. Out of the two types, the Haken-Gata seems to be the more popular. And there are 'hybrid' stores that provide both services. But in general, you will come across more Haken-Gata than Machiawase-Gata stores (in Osaka anyway). The service for both types are essentially equal but each does have certain Pros and Cons. Here are a few to give you an idea.

Haken-Gata and Machiawase-Gata Pros and Cons

Haken-Gata Delivery Health A Haken-Gata is without a doubt the most convenient. You can get your Japanese call girl brought right to you and all you have to do is sit on your ass and wait. No unnecessary thinking or moving required. Simple. On the flipside, if you chose to have a call girl delivered to your apartment, then you have to use your own personal space such as your bedroom and shower. Not to mention your own personal items such as towels and soap.  If things get messy, then it will be YOUR own problem to clean up later. Machiawase-Gata Delivery Health A Machiawase-Gata type does require more effort from the client. But unlike the Haken-Gata, you get to 'rendezvous' with your chosen girl outside in the open. Just as if she was your 'girlfriend'. For those looking for this Girlfriend Experience, you can enjoy chatting and flirting while walking on the way to your desired hotel/love hotel. Some bros might find it thrilling. On the flipside, the meeting locations are all predetermined by the store. So if your hotel or apartment is too far, they may not accept your reservation. Therefore, this type is more for those who plan to use a love hotel. In the end, it all really depends on your preference and situation!

Choosing your Delivery Health Japanese Call Girl

Now when you have a particular Delivery Health store in mind, the next step is to choose your girl! Once again, similar to a Hotel Health you have different methods of choosing. 1) Free Choice (フリー) 2) Panel Choice or Panel Shimei (パネル指名) 3) Favourite or Honshimei (本指名) More detailed explanations about 'Shimei' are in the Hotel Health Guide. For those that have already read about methods of 'Shimei' you may remember the Panel Choice and Reservation were separate. However, for a Delivery Health, you have no choice but to make a reservation (Yoyaku 予約). It's a gimme for everyone involved, so there are usually no costs involved. Delivery Health in Japan -Costs

Delivery Health Courses and Costs

Once you have picked your store and girl, you need to choose your desired course. The costs for a Delivery Health course are once again similar to any regular Fashion or Hotel Health. There are low-end  ‘Gekiyasu’ (Bargain-Priced) stores and high-end ‘Koukyuu’ (Luxury) stores to choose from. It depends on what level of girls you are looking for. However, if I had to say outright which one is usually more expensive, my gut feeling would have to say a Delivery Health. Even without counting the 'Delivery Costs' into the equation, you can usually expect Delivery Health sessions to be plus one or two thousand yen more expensive. For the sake of comparison, here are the prices from a standard Delivery Health service in Osaka. Check out standard Hotel Health Prices here if you want to compare.

Standard Course Length

・60 Minutes = ¥14,000 ・75 Minutes = ¥19,000 ・90 Minutes = ¥22,000 ・120 Minutes = ¥30,000 ・150 Minutes = ¥37,000 ・180 Minutes = ¥45,000 Extra Fees such as Entrance, Hotel, and Extension Fees may also apply. (Check out the detailed explanation in the Hotel Health Guide.)

Standard Variety of Options

¥2000 Options ・Cosplay Costume(Kosupure=コスプレ) ・Stockings(Pansuto=パンスト) ・Eye Mask(Ai Masuku=アイマスク) ・Panty Present(Nama Pantii=生パンティー) ・Vibrator(Pinku Rootaa=ピンクローター) ・No Panties(Noo Pan=ノーパン)☆ ・No Bra(Noo Bura=ノーブラ)☆ ¥3000 Options ・Massage Vibrator (Denma=電マ) ・Dildo (Baibu=バイブ) ・Masturbation/Watch her masturbate (Onanii=オナニー) ・Pissing/Watch her pee (Seisui=聖水) ・Facial (Gansha=顔射) ・Blowjob/Without prior shower(Sokushaku=即尺) ¥4000 Options ・Outdoor Vibrator(Tobikko=とびっこ)☆ ¥5000 Options ・Swallowing (Gokkun=ごっくん) ¥7000 Options ・Scat(Ougon=黄金)

A Quick Bro Tip

You may have noticed the star (☆) mark on some of the above options. I made a note as they are special options that I just had to share! They are some of the more 'fun' options that you will find most commonly ONLY at a Delivery Health service. Here's what they are all about! No Panties and No Bra (ノーパン & ノーブラ) One of the simplest things a girl can do for you, yet amazingly arousing. If you choose this option, your call girl will get delivered to you WITHOUT panties or a bra on! Outdoor Vibrator(Tobikko=とびっこ) Bringing it up a level with this option. Something that we all fantasize about, but many find hard to convince and persuade our significant other. If you choose this option, your call girl will get delivered to you with a pocket vibrator 'inserted and installed'. And you get the remote! For a Haken-Gata Delivery Health, it may not seem so appealing as you get your call girl right at your door. But for the Bros wanting to meet their girls outside first, these are the some of the 'trademark' options of a Machiawase-Gata Delivery Health. Imagine all the fun sexual torture you can inflict before you even make it indoors! (Hope like hell your call girl comes wearing a skirt). For just a few thousand yen extra, you can add that bit of spark to your Delivery Health experience. Definitely, options that you just can't ignore! Delivery Health in Japan -Delivery Costs

Delivery Health 'Transportation' Fees

This is not applicable for Machiawase-Gata Delivery Health services. But one of the last costs of a Delivery Health in Japan that you have to keep in mind are the 'Transportation Fees'. Every Delivery Health in Japan has a base area where they deliver their call girls from. This may be an office, but is usually the place where girls wait on 'stand-by'. You can find this indicated on the store site or listing as 'OO発' (OO-Hatsu). 'OO' is the base area name. For example, 梅田発 (Umeda-Hatsu). This means that the store delivers from the Umeda Area. And is where the store measures their transportation fees from. Here are some general transportation costs of a standard Delivery Health in Osaka for your reference.

Delivery Health Transportation Costs

FREE ・(Within) Osaka City ¥1000 ・Sakai City, Higashi Osaka City, Suita City, Amagasaki City, Moriguchi City, Settsu City,  Toyonaka City. ¥2000 ・Matsubara City, Kadoma City, Yao City, Fujiidera City. ¥3000 ・Itami City, Ikeda City, Neyagawa City, Kashiwara City, Nishinomiya City, Daitou City, Ashiya City, Minoh City. ¥4000 ・Kawanishi City, Takatsuki City, Ibaragi City, Hirakata City, Tondabayashi City, Takarazuka City, Kawachi Nagano City, Takaishi City, Izumiotsu City, Kobe City ... The list is longer but I will cut it short as I am sure you get the point. The further you are from the base area the more the transportation will cost.

A Quick Bro Tip

When looking for a physical store such as a hotel health or soapland, you naturally consider the location. However, when it comes to non-store types like a Delivery Health it is easy to forget the geographical situation that you are in. Especially when you are pumped up with excitement. So when searching for a Delivery Health, narrow down your search by area from the start. For example, don't just broadly search 'Osaka'. If you are in a place like Fujiidera City and you get amped looking at a Delivery Health in Umeda (25-minute drive plus more for traffic) you might not be so amped after seeing those higher delivery fees. For Bros not worried about fees, it can be the distance that determines your successful or non-successful reservation. If you call up quite last minute, the store might find it hard to slot you into your preferred girl's schedule. Obviously the further the travel time for the girl, the more of her schedule you need. Delivery Health in Japan -Arranging

Arranging Your Encounter with a Japanese Call Girl

Once you have chosen a service, picked a Japanese call girl and confirmed your budget, you have to make a reservation via phone or email. Whichever you feel is most comfortable or convenient for you. For services you know are 'Foreigner Friendly' you shouldn't have any big problems. However for places that aren't necessarily prepared for a gaijin bomb, using email may be a better method. Especially if you aren't confident in Japanese. Personally, the back and forth game of catch ball that comes with emailing can be a hassle. So I always recommend making a phone call because you can confirm your reservation on the spot. Even if you have near non-existent Japanese skills, you can definitely still get by if you are prepared. Here are some standard questions you will be asked (email or phone call) by the store staff when you make a reservation. ・What is your name? ・What is your phone number? ・When is your reservation for? (Date and Time) ・Where do you want your girl delivered? ・#Which rendezvous spot would you like to meet at? (For Machiawase-Gata stores) ・Which girl are you after? Any extra options? ・What course length are you after? The questions and order may vary depending on the store and staff. But this is the general flow you can expect. Finally, after the staff has confirmed your reservation, you will usually be asked to contact the store one last time. This is usually 1 hour before your reserved time just as the last confirmation to make sure you don't flake. (If you chose to make a reservation for 'ASAP' then you won't have to do this).

A Quick Bro Tip

Here are two of my really important tips for when you are making a reservation at a Delivery Health Store in Japan.

Confirm the Total Price

The first and most important is to make sure to confirm exactly how much everything in your reservation costs in total. The majority of the time when you make your call, the staff on the other end is a mindless robot. They just take your order and hang up. The times I have called up a Delivery Health, I found that they never reconfirm the total price for you. I am not 100% sure if this is on purpose (to hike up the price later) or just plain clumsiness. However, the worst thing that can happen is to have your call girl arrive and be billed an amount you weren't expecting. Sometimes there are fees that get added on that you just don't realize. So get your shit straight early.

Have a Valid Phone Number

The other really important tip is more like a pre-reservation warning. It's to make sure you have a working phone number before you get all amped up. If you can't provide a valid phone number there is a high chance that the store will not accept your reservation. (I assume it is for safety and security and insurance of your reservation). A payphone is out of the picture. A Japanese cell phone or hotel phone number that they can get a hold of you on is ideal. Your phone from back home on international roaming should also work too. In the worst case scenario, you could ask a friend or get one of us from Osaka Bros to help you out with a Boys Night Out. Another alternative is to get a Skype number. For a few thousand yen you can buy a Japanese Skype number (050- number) that lets you make and receive phone calls, like a Japanese cellphone. Download Skype on your smartphone and as long as you have Wifi you essentially have a Japanese 'phone' number. Delivery Health in Japan -How Delivered

How your Call Girl is Delivered to your Door

Now once your reservation is set. All you have to is chill out, get yourself in the zone and wait for that doorbell! But depending on whether you chose a hotel, love hotel or your own apartment you may experience different starts to your game time. Here are a few examples for a Haken-Gata Delivery Health.

Standard Hotel/Business Hotel

For Bros on business or traveling in Japan, if you already have a hotel booked, you could save money and just invite your call girl to your room. For the majority of hotels, you girl shouldn't have a problem entering the building and making it directly up to your room. However, some hotels may lock their doors after hours. The store should know beforehand, but if they are locked, you will get a phone call asking you to come down to the main entrance to let her in.

Love Hotel

If you don't have a place to stay already lined up or you prefer to stay ninja about your night happenings then a love hotel is ideal for you. In this case, you will be asked to enter the love hotel alone first and then relay your room number to the store from inside. Your call girl will then follow and come directly to your room. Some love hotels have an auto-lock system so be prepared. Check out the Bro tip below!

Own Apartment

The simplest process of all. Your doorbell rings and you rush to open your door! Not really a tip but I would always recommend to tidy up a bit. And I doubt it would ever be a problem because Japan is just Japan but maybe put away your valuables in a safe place.

Machiawase-Gata Delivery Health Meeting

Lastly, for those that chose a Machiawase-Gata store, you won't have to worry about the location of your dirty deed, as you will be going together. When you meet up at the meeting place you should already have an idea of who is your girl since you are the one who chose her. However, if you chose a free plan, or there's just too many people around, the store will call you up and help guide you to rendezvous with your girl. (I'm sure you can already tell a Machiawase-Gata does require a lot more Japanese skills)

A Quick Bro Tip

As I said in the 'Love Hotel' explanation above, you may find that many of the newer love hotels have a high-tech auto lock and pay system. The door automatically locks when you first enter the room and can't be opened from the inside until you pay a little machine inside your room. If your hotel is an old-fashioned 'key' type then you don't have to worry, but the automatic lock types can be troubling for some. So if you do end up in an auto lock love hotel, then all you have to do is call reception and ask to have your door unlocked for a quick second when your call girl arrives. Use these following phrases if necessary. The call to the receptionist "Sumimasen, kanojo ga kita node, doa wo ikkai akete moratte mo ii desuka?" Translation "Hi sorry, my girlfriend just arrived, so can you open the door just this time?" (Yes, you are lying but just to avoid any kind of drama, say she is your girlfriend) Telling your call girl to wait (Through a door) "Doa wo akete morau you ni uketsuke ni denwa suru kara chotto matte" Translation "I'm just going to call the reception to open the door, give me a sec"

A Wrap Up of Delivery Health Service Costs

There you go Bros, all the information you need to make it successfully into bed with a Japanese call girl! Lastly, I will wrap up all the costs for reference sake. Ordering a Japanese call through a Delivery Health service should generally involve the following: Course Fees + Shimei Fees + Entrance Fees + Hotel/Love Hotel Fees (If you used one) For example a 60-minute course at a standard Delivery Health in Osaka: Course Fees ¥14,000 + Shimei Fees ¥2,000 + Entrance Fees ¥1,000 + Hotel Fees ¥2,000 + Transportation Fee ¥0 = ¥19,000 The above is assuming that you used a love hotel and got delivered to an area that didn't require a transportation fee. Not at all different from a Hotel health right!

In Conclusion

As I have stated so many times in this guide, on paper a Delivery Health is the same as all the other Health services in Japan. If a Hotel Health is like a supermarket, then a Delivery Health is just an Amazon. Yes, there are a few more little hassles when you compare it to a Hotel health. Such as making a reservation and figuring out the love hotel. Not to mention, you can't just walk into the store and 'check out the goods'. You can only rely on images and information on a stores website. But you just can't ignore the ultimate convenience and the satisfaction of getting a call girl sent to you, like a Boss. Also, there's just so many benefits! Some Bros prefer it because you don't have to wait with other dirty dudes like in a Hotel Health. Others like it because of the bunch of cool 'Delivery Health Only' options and so on. Either way, it's still cheaper than a Soapland! and like I said in the Hotel Health Guide, the possibilities are limitless. It just all comes down to how much time, money and what kind of dirty plans you have. Now if you want to move onto what happens after you get your girl in your room. Check out the Game Time Section in the Health Services: Rules, Manners, and Tips guide to find out what exactly happens and what you can do in a Health service session!  

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