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January 14, 2022



Ok Bros, welcome to Part 2 of the Health (Herusu) Series. This post will go more in-depth into what you will actually experience during a Fashion and Hotel Health course. Or any type of Health Service for that matter. I will cover the routine steps that you will most likely take, rules and manners you have to follow. Plus an insider insight into what to expect. If you haven't read Part 1: Health (Herusu): Japan’s Popular Red Light Service read it here! To quickly recap, a Health or Herusu is a sex service, without actual intercourse. In other words, all the foreplay and fun, but just ending usually with a blowjob or handjob. Whatever way you want to blow your load without actually putting it ‘in’. If you want more information on the background and history of Health Services, check out the Noob Guide to the Red Light Industry in Japan post. In Part 1, I went over the steps you take at the front desk of a regular Fashion and Hotel Health. Such as choosing a girl and choosing a course. Here I will continue on with the juicier parts. Just a note, this is a general breakdown on how things would turn out. Everything depends on the store and the girl you choose. But the following explanation is relatively a very standard routine for any Health Service in Japan. Fashion and Hotel Health Service Japan - Waiting Room

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The Long Wait in the Waiting Room

After you have chosen your girl and paid for your desired course you will be given a numbered card and escorted to the waiting room. Usually, this area is a separate room with seats and sofas for you to relax on. For smaller stores, especially Hotel Health stores, you may find yourself sitting in just a curtained off corner of the room. To combat the awkwardness of having to sit with other customers waiting their turn, there is usually a TV or music rambling on in the background to drown out the creepiness. If it is a busy night, there are sure to be a bunch of other bros waiting. So, keep yourself busy on your smartphone or something if you are a shy guy. Grab yourself a drink from a vending machine (if there is one inside) or have a smoke. Now, your wait will depend entirely on your chosen girl’s schedule. The staff would have given you a rough idea at the front desk. But, if you ended up choosing a popular girl, then you will just have to endure the grueling wait. On a side note, even if the store says that your girl is ready ‘right now’ there is always a bit of time lag while she gets herself ready. So, it’s better to relax rather than be on the edge of your seat from the start. Be prepared for an extra 10 to 15 minutes on any wait time the staff gives you.

Groom Yourself while You Wait

One thing that you can do while you wait is cut your fingernails. In every waiting room, there should be nail clippers available for you to use. When using a Fashion or Hotel Health Service, the stores ask their customers to keep their fingernails clean and trimmed. Obviously in the expectation that your fingers will be busy. Some stores may even check at the front desk and ask you directly to cut your nails before being escorted to your girl. Firstly, it is just general manner to make sure you are not filthy. And secondly, it is a means to protect their girls from getting roughed up. Especially if they are a little fragile down below. Fashion and Hotel Health Service Japan - First Meeting

First Meeting with your Girl

When your girl is prepped and ready to go, the staff will call out your number. Give your number back and they will usher you out of the waiting room. Your chosen girl will usually be waiting at the entrance of the store. This is the moment of truth. Did you choose a winner or did you fuck up completely? After you meet your chosen girl, exchange greetings and then get moving to your private room! The route you may take will differ between a regular Fashion Health and a Hotel Health. Here are two situations you may find yourself in below:

A Regular Fashion Health:

As the service rooms are in the same building (usually above the front desk), you will go straight to your private room from the store entrance. There is no time for small talk here, make sure to say hello and just follow your girl up the stairs/elevator.

A Hotel Health:

For a Hotel Health, you will usually leave the building with the front desk and make your way to a nearby love hotel. If there seems to be a bit of walk, try to be friendly and make a bit of conversation. If your girl is in a good mood, she might even hold hands or link arms with you on the way. The store would have already made all the preparations for you. When you reach the hotel, pay for the room charge up front and make your way to your room. Fashion and Hotel Health Service Japan - Foreplay

Alone at Last! Game Time Bro!

Now that you are in a private setting with your beautiful Japanese girl you might think it’s game on straight away. But first, there is a series of things you have to do before getting butt-naked in bed. Once you both are settled in, your girl will first turn on a pocket timer and mark the start of your course. If you go to a Hotel Health, your girl will also make a quick phone call to the store just before setting the timer. This is just to let the store know what room you are in and a safety precaution for your girl. Anyway, once the timer starts ticking, your girl should get to work. One of the first main steps to start your course off is a wash up in the bath. So, she will turn the bath tap on and set up towels and toiletries ETC while you relax. While the bath is filling up, this is a chance for you to have a chat and get to know each other a little better (If you want to). Depending on what type of girl you chose, I have found that girls will utilize this pre-bathtime differently. Unless it is a themed Fashion or Hotel Health, there shouldn't be a concrete process here. Most commonly you will find yourself in the following two situations (or a bit of both).

1) Pointless but Interesting Chit-Chat

Your girl may be interested in having a decent conversation to break the ice. She might ask you questions about yourself, and if you don’t mind answering them there isn’t really any harm in it. These girls are usually quite open themselves, so if you ask more personal things about them they should be keen enough answer your questions too. It is actually quite interesting to find out more about why they are working there, if they have a day job or if they are studying ETC. Being open for small talk can really ease any tension or nervousness between the two of you. Also starting off as the ‘nice guy’ might, in turn, result in her being more generous with her service. On the other hand, this is also a blatant technique used by girls to waste your course time so be careful! And keep an eye on the timer.

2) Ichaicha Koibito Play

Ichaicha is loosely translated to mean ‘Flirting’ or ‘Being touchy feely’ and ‘Koibito’ means boyfriend/girlfriend. This just means that you get to have some soft foreplay with kissing and touching involved. In a sense, just like a real couple. Even though you are going to be able to touch them as much as you want (and fully naked) not so long after, it can be a thrilling way to feel the intimate side of using a sex service (if your into this kind of thing). I find that these girls are more service-focused, and happy to get down to business without any unnecessary formalities. In some cases, it may seem a little fake or forced but they are doing their best to create a sensual mood from the get go. It is better than sitting apart and just chatting. If they are putting the effort in there is no need to stop them right? Fashion and Hotel Health Service Japan - Bath Time

Getting Washed Up

When you and your girl are both ready, she will signal for you to hop into the shower together. As a hygiene rule, all customers are required to get washed up in the shower and bath before any of the real fun starts. If you are lucky, your girl will help you get undressed and from there on you can leave it all in her hands. She will soap, wash and rinse your entire body, excluding your face and hair. You don’t have to lift a single finger. For some, this may feel a little embarrassing as you are being manhandled and cleaned up like a ‘dirty dog’. But it’s not like you get an opportunity to be washed and pampered often. So, enjoy it while you can! Just a word of warning, they will be very thorough in washing up your bottom area so don’t be surprised (considering their job, it’s fair enough).

Getting Anti-bacterialized

When your body is squeaky clean, the last bit of washing up you need to do is your mouth. Your girl will prepare a disposable toothbrush and toothpaste for you to brush your teeth. In some cases, they may ask you to rinse your mouth with Japanese mouthwash called Isodine, pronounced Isojin (イソジン) in Japanese. The colour is dirt brown and isn’t the most appealing thing in the world. However, it is a famous antibacterial mouthwash available in Japan. It is a popular mouthwash for all ages, but in the world of Fashion and Hotel Health, it is purely for sterilization. It helps prevents you from sharing any unwanted bugs that you or your girl might have. With the colour and distinct smell, it may be daunting to put it anywhere near your mouth at first. But rest assured it is just regular mouthwash. In some very rare situations, you may find that your girl will also mix this Isodine with the body soap. Isodine is more than safe to be used on skin, and your girl may mix it soap to antibacterialize your bits and pieces. Not exactly sure how much effect it would have against ‘you know what’ but it is just a safety measure. When she is done washing you up, you will have the choice of getting into the tub or getting out and dried up. Even if you aren’t a fan of taking a hot bath, I recommend you have a seat in the tub. You will have a front row seat for staring at her goodies while she is washing up. Your girl may also get into the tub with you for some more 'Ichaicha Koibito' time. But it’s best if you fast forward the bathing time to get to the important ‘bed’ part of your course as fast as possible. Fashion and Hotel Health Service Japan - In Bed

Green Light Game Time!

When you are out of the bathroom. It’s finally game time! From here on in it will completely differ depending on your girl and it is very difficult to give you an exact overview of how things unfold. The services included in the general course menus are in a way a set of guidelines. Your girl's preferences and your own personal preferences will definitely play a huge part in this. Not to mention, time, environment and the overall sexual connection between you two are a few of many other factors that will determine exactly what kind of ‘fun’ you guys will have. To put it bluntly, some girls will be happy to lick your balls, some won’t. Some girls will take full initiative, while others will wait for you to jump on them ETC. Remember they aren’t robots! So do your best to adapt to them but at the same time making sure you let them know what you want. Just for your reference here is a list of some of the services included in a general course menu.

General Fashion/Hotel Health Service Menu

・French Kissing (Deep Kiss=ディープキス) ・Full Body Kissing (Zenshin Lip=全身リップ) ・Blowjob (Fera=フェラ) ・Handjob (Tekoki=手コキ) ・Oral Sex on her (Kunni=クンニ) ・69 (No translation necessary) ・Ass/Leg Job or Dry Humping (Sumata=素股) ・Fingering (Yubiire=指入れ) And for the Bros looking to add a bit more spice to their Fashion/Hotel Health course. Here is a list of some of the typical options you can add.

Additional Paid Options

Clothing Related ・Cosplay Costume (Cosplay=コスプレ) ・Rippable Stockings (Pansuto Yaburi=パンスト破り) ・Rippable Fishnet Stockings (Ami Taitsu Yaburi=網タイツ破り) ・Panty Present (Panty Purezento=パンティープレゼント) Toys ・Vibrator (Pink Rotar=ピンクローター) ・Massage Vibrator (Denma=電マ) ・Dildo (Baibu=バイブ) Sexual Play ・Masturbation/Watch her masturbate (Onanii=オナニー) ・Pissing/Watch her pee (Seisui=聖水) ・Facial (Gansha=顔射) ・Swallowing (Gokkun=ごっくん) ・Blowjob/Without prior shower(Sokushaku=即尺) The availability of an option will depend entirely on the girl. When you are first looking at the lineup at the store, they will show you exactly what options are available and which aren’t for each girl. Adding an option or several options will also be a huge factor in how you spend your bed-time with your girl. There is nothing worse than paying for a plan and forgetting or not having enough time to use (do) it in during your course. So make sure you have some sort of image of when and how you want to utilize those paid options. Fashion and Hotel Health Service Japan - Empty Tank

Empty Your Tank and Finish Off

If you are enjoying yourself it is really hard to keep track of the time. But don’t worry! Remember that timer your girl set at the start of your course? That alarm should ring two times to give you and your penis a heads up. Usually, it will go off on the 20 minutes left and 10 minutes-left marks. With each ring, it also lets your girl know to start wrapping things up. Around this point, your girl should stick to one position. Whether it is a blowjob, handjob or dry humping she will turn her game face on to get you cumming within the time limit. If you have a certain preference in the way you blow your load, then make sure to guide her to the position you want. When you have exhausted your fluid tank (hopefully within the time limit), she will clean you up a bit, but it’s time to get back into the shower and washed off. Usually, at this point of your course, you should be content (and tired). Your girl should be focused more on winding your time together down so there may be less interaction between you two. Get washed up, dried off, put your clothes back on and so forth. It seems robotic but just go with the flow. At the end of your course, your girl will escort you out of the room and you say your goodbyes. If you went to a regular or Fashion Health, then you will part at the room door. For a hotel health, you will first exit the love hotel together and then go your separate ways. If things went well you might even get a kiss goodbye.

To Round Things Off for Now

There you have it. A complete breakdown of the steps involved when you use a regular Fashion Health or Hotel Health Service. Doesn’t sound too complicated right? If you are new to getting into the ‘Paying for sexual pleasure’ scene, then a Fashion/Hotel Health Service would definitely be the best place to start. They are convenient to get to, relatively cheap and the service is very versatile. Everything is set up to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. And, in my experience, the easiest and most carefree way to end (or even start) your boy’s night. If I had to choose out of a regular Fashion Health and Hotel Health... I would definitely recommend a Hotel Health! For me, there is just something about not being under the same roof of the front desk staff that helps me relax. Stay tuned for more insider information on the various themed store types and useful tips to get the most out of Health Services in Japan! If you want a detailed personal account of my experience at a Hotel Health, check out my latest review on a store in Osaka here!

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