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January 14, 2022



Bros! Welcome to Japan! A land with beautiful girls, secretly kinky sex culture and a bustling red light industry that can potentially answer all your dirtiest fantasies and desires. Are you a red-blooded sex addict? or a more sensual and passionate subtle type? Japan will definitely have something to tickle your fancy. Brothels, Escorts, Call-Girls, Blowjob Bars, SM Clubs, Cosplay Brothels, Titty Bars, Mature Woman, Strip Clubs. The diverse red light industry in Japan caters for everyone's needs. Sex itself may be declining between Japanese couples (the current low birth-rate ETC). Most likely due to the messed-up dating culture and deep fundamental issues in maintaining relationships. HOWEVER, the sex industry is booming and the red light districts are a magical place that you need to try. A must in my opinion! or at least once during your stay in Japan.

Learn the Japanese Red Light Industry Culture

In any country, visiting a red light district isn't like going down to the convenience store. There are rules and there is a culture. In Japan, without a trusty Japanese wingman or fucking amazing Japanese skills, it can be especially troublesome understanding how things work. Sometimes they aren’t as foreigner-friendly and approachable like in places such as South-East Asia. So, here is a quick introduction to the more popular red light services available to you. Tailored just for the NOOB bros out there who are starting their journey in Japan. It’s a good idea to know what you are getting yourself into! Learn the culture and background first and it will open more doors to have more fun! Also. Just as a reminder. If you didn’t already know. Prostitution is illegal in Japan. Funny, right? Let’s get started.

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Red Light Almighty Service: Soaplands

A soapland is a western equivalent to a brothel. You will usually find them to be in big multiple-floor buildings and have a number of individual rooms with a bed and bath. The main attraction at a soapland is that it is the only red light service that allows rooting. The service menu includes the whole shebang! But rooting is illegal in Japan right? … technically YES. But on paper, these soaplands are classed as bathhouses that provide only just a ‘bathing’ service for men. Therefore adhering to the Japanese law. When the prostitution laws became strict in 1957, brothel owners were about to lose all their business. So, while the new laws were still fresh with a bunch of loopholes, they registered their establishments as innocent bathhouses. This enabled them to disguise their brothels and continue their ‘special services’. In doing so it helped them to not be fingered as a ‘prostitution business’.

The Loophole Story of Soaplands

Soaplands claim and stick to the story that the only compensation of money they receive in their business is the ‘entrance fee’ for a private bath. The soapland girls waiting for you inside are there on their own accord and working for themselves. Therefore, they have no responsibility for and don’t know what happens behind closed doors. If a sweaty naked customer happens to get horny and the girl agrees then it is just love and romance, not prostitution. Originally you would make two payments in a soapland. One at the entrance desk for your private bath and a separate payment to your girl for her services. They buy all the items in the room including condoms ETC and are just “borrowing” a private bath space. In other words, they are treated like private business owners. The prostitution laws are set and more focused on punishing red light district businesses and management, not the girls. Therefore the police can't do anything about it, even though it is well known and blatantly obvious.

A Quick Bro Tip

Soaplands are usually the most expensive out of all red light district services. Because the menu includes the whole deal. If you end up going to a luxury soapland you will definitely find yourself paying well over the 40 to 50,000 yen mark. However, if you have set yourself up for a night that MUST include a root, then it would definitely be worth your money. The quality of girls are usually a lot higher than other services and girls are a lot more professional in how they treat their customers.

Japan Red Light District Guide Health Image Source

Health Services (Herusu): More than a Massage

This service originated in a similar way to soaplands. Health (Herusu) Services started off as an innocent massage service for men to relax, called a ‘Health Massage’ or ‘Health Centre’. Like many other countries, this deviated to more sexually related services and given the shortened name of just ‘Health’. Sometimes called 'Fashion Health'. To explain this very simply, a health service is similar to a soapland. They are located in a building with rooms containing just a bed and bath. The only thing missing is actual intercourse. With no ‘getting to put it in’ these health service stores comply with the Japanese prostitution laws. There is no financial compensation for sexual intercourse, just payment for all the other fun things. So on paper, they are operating within the law. Services differ depending on the store, but a general menu includes blowjobs, handjobs, fingering, kissing and getting finished off. The finish usually consists of blowing your load in your girl's mouth but you may prefer otherwise.

Alternatives to Actual Intercourse

As you can’t root a girl (not impossible but this is a long story for another time), these health services usually have a broad service menu. Also a variety of different options to add extra flare to your time. If you can afford it, you can pay for dildo and vibrator fun, get her to wear a cosplay costume that you fancy, get kinky with SM goods and even more provocative options such as peeing/golden showers ETC. ‘Sumata’ is apparently a very popular free option. This is a technique half between a leg job and ass job (sometimes a bit of the frontal part too). Your girl will rub her bottom half on your knob in a way to simulate the real thing. It is like dry humping without clothes on and I guess the closest thing to sex, but not sex. This is popular with the Japanese as it said to enhance the experience because you are being denied what you really want. Whatever floats your boat, but cool for some, annoying for others. The health service has also diversified into different types in the recent years. The overall menu is the same. However, the system may be a little different.

Hotel Health (Hoteheru)

Just as the name suggests, this a health service that just has an office with a counter for you to make your transaction. The rest is done in a nearby love hotel. After paying for your time, the store will schedule and make a reservation at a partner love hotel. When things are ready they will send you there together with your chosen girl. The only responsibility of the customer is to pay for the love hotel. (You usually get a discount though).

Delivery Health (Deriheru)

Once again, this service is exactly what the name insists. A health service that is just able to deliver a girl to a place of your choice. A hotel room, a love hotel, even your own apartment. It is quite possibly the closest thing to a ‘call-girl’. They usually don’t have a physical office or store (some may do if they have both delivery and hotel services). You make a reservation online or on the phone and the store will chaperone your girl to you, usually incurring transportation costs if you are a fair distance away. The only difference from a regular health is that they are allowed to be open 24 hours while all other services including soaplands have to close at 12 AM.

A Quick Bro Tip

The prices are in the middle range out of all the red light sex services available. And trying out all kinds of options to make up for not being able to root is actually very entertaining. Compared to a soapland, a health service (delivery or hotel health) is usually centered in the main red light districts of cities. So a lot easier and more convenient when you want to keep your boy's night in one place. Lastly, the girls working at a health are usually less of a pro sex-worker and more like the girl next door. A high percentage are uni students doing it as a part-time job or housewife-ish girls trying to earn a bit of extra cash. So if you prefer the purer amateur type, this might be the place for you.

Japan Red Light District Guide Pink Salon Image Source

Pink Salon (Pinsaro): Your Red Light Quicky Stop

A Pink Salon is focused mainly on one thing. Blowjobs. Therefore, many refer to it as a ‘blowjob bar’ with nearly zero intimacy. In a sense, just a place for a  ‘quicky’. Pink Salons are said to have been established in the 1960s when ‘Pink Cabarets’ and ‘Negligee Salons’ evolved from touch-only bars to the now blowjob-only bars. Once again, as there is no intercourse involved, they are within the Japanese laws. But they are technically registered as hostess clubs to get permission to prolong their operating hours to stay open until late night. A usual Pink Salon consists of one big dark massive room, divided into semi-private areas with cubicles like a manga cafe. The store will match you up with a girl (you will have a choice if you pay extra) and she will sit down with you in the tiny booth and go for gold on your knob. The booths are small, so the interaction involves very little undressing and of course, there are no showers like a soapland or health service. But don’t worry! You will get your knob cleaned up with a wet wipe or moist towel like those in Japanese restaurants before anything gets started.

Customer Favourite: The Hanabira Kaiten

One very interesting and popular service available in Pink Salons is the ‘Hanabira Kaiten’. Loosely translated to mean ‘Flower Petal Rotation’. Not a very good translation I know! But it is a service that lets you have a number of different girls swap in and out from your booth within the time you are in the store. All you have to ask for is ‘Hanabira X Kaiten’ and replace the X with a number to indicate how many different girls you want. For Example, you choose ‘Hanabira 3 Kaiten’ for a 60-minute time slot, you will get around 20 minutes with each girl. A great idea if you are a guy that can cum multiple times (definitely get value for your money). Or you want to be a bit greedy and try out more than one girl.

A Quick Bro Tip

Amazingly handy if you are low on funds as you definitely will get the job done without forking out too much money. It is also a lot easier to go with friends as they cater well for groups. As the service is a lot cheaper and simpler, the quality is a bit of a lotto sometimes. You may find there is a higher percentage of older and less attractive girls working at Pink Salons. But you get what you pay for right? If you are looking for a cheap solution in the red light district, or a quicky, this is the place to start! Okay, that was a quick wrap-up of the background and definitions of the three main sex services you will find in the Red Light Industry in Japan. I want to use the word main lightly as these are just the three you will find more commonly on websites and around the town. But this is just the tip of the iceberg! You will find more niche and specialized versions of the above and just a whole lot bigger range of subgenres for any kind of play you want. This is just the start and I will go through every nook and cranny in later posts! Stay tuned!

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