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January 14, 2022



Let’s say you’re having a boy’s night out on the town. You’ve had a decent meal full of greasy and fried izakaya food, chatted up a few girls at a bar, smothered your face in a pair of boobs at a titty bar… Sounds like a pretty fucking decent night right? If you want to end the night with a sex-oriented BANG then I recommend you make your way to a popular red light service in Japan, a Hotel or Fashion Health! As I stated in a previous post on the red-light industry in Japan, a 'Health' service such as a Fashion or Hotel Health are very similar to a Soapland (Bathhouse Brothel). The only difference is that there is NO intercourse involved. I bet there are a few bros out there thinking ‘Pffttt well there’s no point in going then’.

Don’t write off it off so quick!

I can definitely assure you that even minus any actual sex, it’s a service that can provide a shit load of fun. In this and the following posts, I will explain exactly how a general Health Service works, what you can expect and why it is such a popular service in Japan. There are a variety of different types of Health Services, including very niche concept stores aimed at particular sexual preferences. However, the overall 3 main types that you will widely find are the following: 1) Fashion Health (Sometimes referred to as just Health) 2) Hotel Health 3) Delivery Health (Check out the Delivery Health Guide here) The service menus for any health service are generally very similar. The only main differences are ‘HOW you order your girl’ and ‘WHERE you do the dirty deed’. I will first go over the ins and outs of a Fashion Health and Hotel Health. Since they are the most similar. OK! Let’s say you’ve found a store you want to try out. How do things roll on from there?

Health Service Japan Part 1 Finding StoreImage Source

Finding the Hotel or Fashion Health Store

Once you have set your target for the night it’s time to make your way to the store. Hotel and Fashion Health services are usually all bunched up in the drinking and red light districts of a city. So, if you follow the neon lights it should be relatively easy to find the area. However, finding an exact store can sometimes be the tricky part, especially if it is your first time. Health Services usually have their stores in a ‘regular’ office looking building. Hotel Health reception desks are the same but are also found in ‘multi-tenant’ office buildings that share the building with other businesses. Either way, each type of business is usually well camouflaged to look just like a plain office building from the outside. The only sign you will ever see is an R18 sign on a small billboard or a very tiny R18 sticker on the elevator guide inside the building. Therefore, punching in the address on google maps sometimes doesn’t do the trick. It is so easy just to end up walking around aimlessly and checking every building in the area like a Noob. It is a huge waste of time, not to mention, getting lost in an area known for ‘sex services’ can be a little embarrassing. So the best way to get to your destination in one go is to check the ‘Access’ information on the store's website. A store’s website should have detailed directions to their shop from all surrounding main train stations and landmarks. Sometimes with detailed pictures too. If all else fails, the last resort is always just to call up the store and tell them exactly where you are if you are completely and utterly lost.

A Quick Bro Tip

If you are going to a Hotel Health make sure you double-check the building name and what floor the reception desk is on. As I stated above, a hotel health’s reception desk is usually in a multi-tenant building, meaning that on each floor there is a separate business. It is not unusual for hotel health stores to be bunched in one area, and even times different stores will be sharing the same building. For example, a building might have a hotel health reception on the 3rd, 5th and 9th floor. On the signs and elevator guide, they will usually only show an R18 sign. So, you can’t exactly confirm that you are going to the right place until you reach that floor. There isn’t a situation more embarrassing and harder to get out of than reaching the reception desk and realizing that you are in the wrong place. Take my advice, thinking you are going to a health service full of young girls and ending up one that specializes in ‘chubby’ girls is a bit of a nasty surprise. Health Service Japan Part 1 Choosing a Girl

Choosing Your Girl at a Hotel and Fashion Health Store

Once you make it to the store you will usually find only two main areas. One is the reception/front desk and the other is a waiting room. For smaller stores, they may not have an actual waiting room and just have a few chairs curtained off by the reception desk. If there are no customers being attended to, the staff will usher you straight to the front desk. If not, you will most likely have to wait for your turn in the waiting room where you can have a smoke (if you smoke) or relax with a drink from a vending machine. The fun begins when you get to the front desk. The staff will greet you by laying out a bunch of profile cards or ‘panels’ that have pictures and information on the girls that are available that day. You can see the ‘supposed’ measurements and other personal stats of each girl. Most importantly you can see their faces uncovered and non-blurred. (Many health services will blur or cover girls faces on their web profiles for personal safety reasons). After carefully inspecting each girl, you have the power to choose the girl you want to spend some ‘special’ time with. This is called ‘Shimei’ and loosely translated to mean nomination or selecting. Overall, there are 4 different ways you can actually ‘Shimei’ a girl.

1) Free Choice (フリー)

This is essentially not a ‘Shimei’, but the opposite, where you don’t choose the girl you want and leave it up to the store’s lineup availability. Think of it just like Google’s I’m feeling lucky button, where the store will set you up with a girl that is available the quickest. Because you don’t have a choice, this course is usually the cheapest option of any ‘Shimei’.

2) Panel Choice or Panel Shimei (パネル指名)

Here is when you use the profile cards laid out in front of you and choose your preferred girl. Usually the prices to 'Panel Shimei' a girl will differ depending on their popularity. This will be indicated by some sort of leveling system such as hearts or stars on the panel. The more popular (more heart marks), the extra it will cost to select. On average, you will find it to be around ¥1000 per level. But the prices will differ significantly depending on the store so make sure to check in advance.

3) Favourite or Honshimei (本指名)

This option is the same as the Panel Choice, in which you pay an extra fee to choose your girl. However, this is for when you choose them for the second time onwards. In other words, if you become a ‘regular’ or a ‘repeater’ for a particular girl, as a rule, you have to use this option. The fee might be a little more and there is no direct merit for the customer. But it just shows the store and the girl that you enjoyed her service. It is said that your 'Honshimei' girl will get your extra fee as a bonus so she might be a little nicer to you.

4) Yoyaku or Reservation (予約)

The last is making a reservation. This is pretty much self-explanatory, but you can call or make an online reservation for a girl beforehand. There usually is a ¥1000~¥2000 reservation fee, but this saves you a lot of waiting on a busy night and not having to settle for a girl that isn’t your type.

A Quick Bro Tip

Out of the 4 different types of ‘Shimei’ the majority will most likely cost an extra bit of money. Even if you are on tight budget and the Free option seems like the most fitting for you, I still recommend choosing your girl. If you leave it up to the store, there is just no way to know what you will get. You might get lucky and have the store No.1 by coincidence be available just as you roll on in through the door, but you just don’t know. It’s also common sense that the unpopular girls aren’t chosen so often and be more available than the popular girls right? Also, when you are at the front desk don’t be afraid to ask as much as you want about the girls! There is a good chance that the staff will sugar coat a lot of their recommendations. But there is no harm in asking more information so you can get what you are truly after. Lastly, a good technique to use is to first ask the staff to line up the profile cards in order of availability. If you are on a tight schedule or with a group of friends, the waiting times can be very important. You don’t want to get all worked up about your hot pick to find out that she has a 3-hour wait… Health Service Japan Course

Choosing a Course at a Hotel and Fashion Health Store

When you finish picking your girl. Next, you have to pick the course length you are after. Depending on the store, you will find different lengths to choose from. The longer the course, the more money you pay obviously. Here is an example of courses from a middle-tier Hotel Health in Osaka. (A Fashion Health in Osaka is pretty much identical) ・45 Minutes = ¥10,000 ・60 Minutes = ¥13,000 ・90 Minutes = ¥19,000 ・120 Minutes = ¥28,000 ・150 Minutes = ¥36,000 ・180 Minutes = ¥43,000 These prices may change depending on the time of the year. Sometimes they are hiked up during the holiday seasons and even discounted for the slow seasons. The allotted time starts from when you are alone together with your girl and doesn’t include moving from the waiting room to your private space. However, it does include the shower time before and after the dirty deed. So in reality, if you don’t count the shower as foreplay then realistically you lose 10~15 minutes from the course time. After you have chosen your course time, you can add on any extra ‘play options’ to your course. Here is an example of some of the options and respective prices. Once again from a normal middle-tier Hotel Health in Osaka. ¥2000 Options ・Cosplay Costume(Kosupure=コスプレ) ・Stockings(Pansuto=パンスト) ・Fishnet Stockings(Ami Taitsu=網タイツ) ・Panty Present(Nama Pantii=生パンティー) ・Vibrator(Pinku Rootaa=ピンクローター) ¥3000 Options ・Masturbation/Watch her masturbate (Onanii=オナニー) ・Pissing/Watch her pee(Seisui=聖水) ・Dildo(Baibu=バイブ) ・Massage Vibrator(Denma=電マ) ¥4000 Options ・Dildo(Baibu Dai=バイブ 大) ・Facial(Gansha=顔射) ・Swallowing(Gokkun=ごっくん) This is a very standard list of options and you can definitely find hotel and fashion health stores with a bigger range or crazier items on their options list.

A Quick Bro Tip

This is a very blatantly obvious tip. If you are going to a store for the first time or choosing a particular girl for the first time, I highly recommend choosing a shorter course and laying off the options for the first round. There is a chance that the girl you pick (or matched with) won’t meet your expectations. You don’t want to be spending too much time and a shitload of money on a girl that you don’t like. So be a smart cookie and start safe. There is nothing worse than choosing a 120-minute course and spend half of that time just talking with your girl because you can't get your mojo on, because she is fugly. Once you have a girl that you know is your type and worth your money, then that's a good time to be choosing longer courses and adding on all sorts of fun options. Health Service Japan Cost Membership

Extra Costs of a Hotel and Fashion Health Service

In the above, I went over some of the main fees such as the Shimei fee and Course length fees. To add to the list here are some minor fees that you may also encounter. 1) Nyuukaikin or Admission/Entrance Fee (入会金) The majority of stores will have this initial fee on the first time you go to their store. It is usually only ¥1000~¥2000 yen. It is essentially like a one-off store membership payment. By paying this you will receive a member’s card from the store that makes it easier for you to make a reservation. Also, I guess for the store to keep track of who you have been with. Don't worry there is no need to give them any sort of I.D. If they ask for your name, you are more than welcome to come up with a fake alias. 2) Hotel-Dai or Hotel Room Fees (ホテル代) If you go to a Fashion Health service that has its own rooms in the same building this fee will not apply. However, if you go to a hotel health, the time you spend in the hotel, you will have to pay out of your own pocket. Regular love hotels can cost quite a bit, but don’t worry the Hotel Health store will discount your time there and usually be between ¥1500~¥2500. 3) Enchouryou or Extension Fee (延長料) The last fee is an extension fee. And you will only have to pay this IF you decide to use it. In a way, it is just like another option. This is the fee you pay when you decide to extend your time while in your course. If you really like the girl you chose and you JUST HAVE TO spend more time with her, or if you can’t cum within the designated time, you can just extend your time. (Assuming that the girl doesn’t have a full schedule after your course). This fee is quite pricey, usually starting from ¥10,000 per 30 minutes. I personally don’t recommend it, but if you have to you have to.

A Quick Bro Tip

This tip is related to essentially all costs you might find in a Health Service. Most stores will always have some sort of ongoing campaign or discount event going. Before you get to the front desk, make sure to check the stores ‘Event’ page on their website. There will always be some sort of discount such as a ‘Time Service’ where the course costs are discounted for a certain period of time. Sometimes even get the entrance fee off for saying a secret word ETC. The discounts aren’t massive, but there is no harm in checking and getting a few thousand yen off here and there. Health Service Japan Part 1 Extra Fees

A Wrap Up of Hotel and Fashion Health Costs

To wrap up all the costs. Going to a hotel or fashion health service should generally involve the following: Course Fees + Shimei Fees + Entrance Fees + Hotel Fees (If it is a hotel health) For example a 60-minute course at an average Hotel Health in Osaka: Course Fees ¥13,000 + Shimei Fees ¥2,000 + Entrance Fees ¥1,000 + Hotel Fees ¥2,000 = ¥18,000 If you go a little bit crazy then: Course Fees ¥13,000 + Option Fees ¥4,000+ Shimei Fees ¥2,000 + Entrance Fees ¥1,000 + Hotel Fees ¥2,000 = ¥22,000 To give you a bit more realistic insight. Here is what I paid in my most recent outing for a 60-minute course with no options. Course Fees ¥10,000 + Shimei Fees ¥2,000 + Entrance Fees ¥1,000 + Hotel Fees ¥2,000 = ¥15,000 I got a ¥3,000 yen discount off the course price by using a discount from the store's website WOOHOO!

In Conclusion

So, in other words, you are looking around about ¥15,000 to around ¥25,000 for an hour of special time with a beautiful Japanese girl. Like I have said a few times this is the average for a middle-tier Health Service. You can definitely find cheaper 'Gekiyasu' (Bargain-Priced) stores for the guys on a really tight budget. And if you want to splurge, there are lots of 'Koukyuu' (Luxury) Health Services that go well into and above the ¥30,000 mark for the same course time. That's just another great thing about Health Services, there is such a variety to choose from. It just all comes down to how much time, money and what kind of dirty plans you have. You may think that the prices are a bit expensive, but compared to a Soapland (usually start from the ¥20,000 mark) it is a lot more reasonable. AND compared to taking a girl out on dates and trying to woo her, I personally think the prices are damn cheap. Not to mention less hassle and is 100% certain that you are going to get some sort of sexual activity. Now, who has had enough of explanations!? In Part 2 of the Health Services series, I will go over exactly what you can expect when you get into your private room with your girl! Everything from getting washed up to blowing your load. Check it out here! Or, if you want a complete personal account of my experiences, check out my latest review on a Hotel Health in Osaka here!

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