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January 14, 2022

Hey Bros! It’s been a while since I posted up my first Hotel Health store review of Panchira JK up on the site. A few good months to be exact… Sorry to all the Bros out there who have been waiting in anticipation! I’ve been shit busy over the past few months and haven’t had time to get around to writing. But this little break on the site doesn’t mean I have had a break from going to Hotel and Delivery Healths at all! To mark off my return from this little stint away, boy do I have a doozy of a review for you! In this post, I will review the Kita Togano store of the hybrid Hotel/Delivery Health ‘Love’. A Health store on the more 'High End' and 'Luxurious' side that I have had my eye on for a long while and have been dying to go to. As always, I will go through the general information, concept, and service of the store. And explain exactly what I mean when I say 'High End'. Let’s get into it!

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Love: The High-End Hotel Fuzoku Concept

The 'Love' Kita Togano store is new Hotel/Delivery Health that is recently booming in popularity in Umeda. This branch store is actually the second store of the chain to be opened in the Osaka area. With the original sister-store first opened in Minami Tanimachi 9-Chome. Just by visiting the official website of 'Love' you immediately get the feeling that this store screams of high quality and class. And so it should, as Love is part of one of the biggest red light store groups in the Kansai area called the ‘Dearest Group’ that has an arrangement of more than 14 high-end Hotel/Delivery Healths, Men’s Massage and Soaplands in the Kansai area. To go into further detail, the Dearest Group has won an assortment of awards from a bunch of popular Japanese red light portal sites. And many say that it is the Number 1 provider group in the Kansai area. Getting back on topic, just like other stores in the Dearest Group, Love boasts of providing the highest quality of girls, looks and service wise. Their motto is to ‘Provide a carefully selected elite cast lineup with the highest quality of hospitality” They stand by this motto and maintain their standards by firstly having a strict hiring process which focuses on only hiring girls of model, race queen, cabin attendant levels, and pampering them with free nail, eyelash extension, and body care services to keep them in beautiful condition. Secondly, they have some stricter guidelines in which all girls on the cast have to follow. Providing only the highest quality of girls and service seems cliche and something that all stores would say right? But read on below to see why and how they provide this kind of service. High-End Hotel Health in Osaka (Escort) Review Love - Lineup

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Love: The Lineup of Young and Hot Osaka Escorts

When you visit love you can expect to find the lineup of girls to be generally in their early 20’s. Just by looking at the online list you can see that cast is between 20~24 years old. And from my personal experience, plus real stories passed on from my mates I haven’t heard of anyone getting a girl over 25 years old. When it comes to the types of girls, I would say that the girls at Love are the ‘Young and Hot’ types. But in saying this I wouldn’t put them into the ‘Gyaru’ genre. To give you a better image, picture one of those trendy young Japanese girls that love to spend a lot on beauty products, services, and fashion. The dolled-up girls that are walking around Grand Front and Lucua in Umeda during the weekend. The girls that are beautiful in looks and that attractive glow that gets you to turn your head and you just can’t help but look twice. Seriously, for the Bros who have had a stroll around the Kita area in Osaka (Not Namba and Shinsaibashi) I think you get the picture.

Love's Strict Hiring Filter

I feel that the store focuses on selling girls with a mixture of beauty and youth. The whole shebang looks and aura in order to keep their promise of providing customers with that extra bit of quality. In addition, to reiterate the above statements, Love is very determined on maintaining this level of high quality. Apparently, the store is extremely picky when hiring. A little bird told me (actually the girl I recently had a session with) that the hiring process at Love is very strict. If 10 girls were to apply for an interview to work then only 2 girls would get hired. So a mere 20% would only get hired! This is definitely not because they don't have the capacity to increase the number of girls at all. And is actually very rare, as I am sure all Hotel/Delivery Health stores are dying to stock more and more girls. This is specifically to filter out the ugly girls and hire only the good apples. They don't just hire any girl willing to work, like some of the other cheaper stores out there. Something that all clients including myself would be reassured to hear. High-End Hotel Health in Osaka (Escort) Review Love - Service

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Love: The Service and System

The general service and system at Love is the same as any other more quality health services. However, if I was to point out some of the more finer differences, firstly the store is a hybrid of Hotel Health and Delivery Health. This means that customers have the convenient choice of walking-in or having a beautiful cast girl delivered right to your doorstop. A very convenient benefit too for the Bros who want to try out Love after a night of drinking. There is no need to rush or worry about the store closing at 12:00AM (as all Hotel Health stores are required to do). You can just call up the store and get a delivery to your home or nearby love hotel. Secondly, as I have stated several times already, Love focuses on not providing high quality but also a higher quality of overall service. Again some insider information from the same little bird I recently had a session with, but all girls in the lineup are required to wear stockings and heels in addition to fashionable clothes when meeting their clients. They want to provide a 'beautiful' service from the second you meet your girl. Pristine condition with and without clothes on. In other words, you will never get a rough looking cast girl when ordering from Love.

The SLC Rank GIrls

The last point I want to bring up about the service and system is the Love SLC Rankings. The majority of Red Light services in Japan have a nomination system (Shimei) where clients pay an extra fee for certain girls. The higher the rank and more popular the girls are, the more expensive this Shimei fee is. Usually an extra 1,000 yen per rank or level. Love has this system too, but to go one step further they have a super ultimate 'Secret Luxury Cast' or SLC rank for short. These girls are said to be absolute goddesses that leave all the regular girls in the dust in regards to quality. The stories I have heard from former workmates and the overall buzz on the net claims that these girls are model and AV star class. This is the reason why I call this store 'High-end'. With this rank though, of course, comes outrageous prices. As an example, one girl in the Kita Togano store is ¥38,000 for 75 minutes, ¥45,000 for 90 and ¥60,000 for 120 minutes. Definitely, not your normal prices but apparently worth every penny. For the Bros out there who might find these pricings suspicious, then I would just recommend you go to a dirt cheap store. Honestly, from my personal experience of trying all kinds of stores in Japan, you literally get what you pay for. And if you want 100% quality then this might be up your alley. Unfortunately, they are so popular that they sell out in minutes! So you gotta move quick. High-End Hotel Health in Osaka (Escort) Review Love - Course

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Love: The Courses and Costs

*These were the prices at the time I went. They are subject to change. Service Fees ・Admission Fee = ¥ 2,000 ・Change Fee: Free the first time. From the second time onwards = ¥5,000 Hotel Health Course ・65min = ¥15,000 ・80min = ¥20,000 ・95min = ¥23,000 ・125min = ¥32,000 ・155min = ¥39,000 ・185min = ¥47,000 ・Extension per 30min = ¥11,000 ・Panel Choice = ¥1,000~¥9,000 Depending on the cast Delivery Health Course ・60min = ¥16,000 ・75min = ¥21,000 ・90min = ¥24,000 ・120min = ¥33,000 ・150min = ¥40,000 ・180min = ¥48,000 ・Extension per 30min = ¥11,000 ・Panel Choice = ¥1,000~¥9,000 Depending on the cast Course Add-on Options ・Vibrator = ¥1,000 ・Big Vibrator: = ¥2,000 ・Pissing = ¥3,000 ・Immediate Blowjob = ¥5,000 ・Used Panty Takeaway = ¥1,000 ・Massage Wand = ¥3,000 ・Facial Cumshot = ¥3,000 ・Stockings = ¥1,000 ・Swallowing = ¥3,000 ・Handcuffs and Eye Mask= ¥4,000 ・Anal Fuck = ¥8,000 Delivery Health Transportation Fees ・Osaka City = Free ・¥1,000 = Amagasaki, Sakai, Higashi Osaka, Moriguchi, Settsu, Suita, Toyonaka ・¥2,000 = Itami, Neyagawa, Kadoma, Yao, Kashiwara, Fujiidera, Nishinomiya ・¥3,000 = Ashiya, Kawanishi, Daitou ・¥4,000 = Minoh, Takatsuki, Ibaraki, Hirakata, Tondabayashi, Takarazuka ・¥5,000 = Takaishi, Izumiotsu, Sanda, Kobe, Sayama, Ikuno ・¥6,000 = Izumi, Kishiwada, Kaizuka, Kyoto, Shiga, Tenri, Nara, Wakayama ・¥7,000 = Others Please contact the store for exact pricing.

Love: Location and Access

Like most Hotel and Delivery Health stores in Umeda, Love is located in Togano, the main Hotel Health District in Umeda. However, compared to Panchira JK, the Kita Togano Love store is a little further distance away from the ‘Higashi Doori’ and the main streets. The nearest stations are Umeda Hanshin and Higashi Umeda Station. To get to the store, just like Panchira JK, make your way to Izumi no Hiroba (泉の広場) a famous meeting place with a fountain in the underground shopping mall ‘Whitey’. Exit the underground from the M14 exit and follow the street towards the Sukiya Restaurant. Do not turn right at the Sukiya, but keep following the round to the next set of traffic lights. Here, turn right and continue straight. You will pass a famous temple called ‘Taiyuji’ Continue straight through the love hotel and bar area and you will pass approximately 4 sets of intersection crossings without any traffic lights. When you hit the first set of traffic lights you are nearly there. Go through the lights and you should see a store with a yellow sign on the left corner called ‘TWO DOWN’. Right next to this store is the Shoufuku Building. In the entranceway of the Shofuku Building, you should see one or two signs with sexy girls and R18 signs on them. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and as soon as the elevator doors open you will be smack bang at Love’s reception desk! English Address: 6 Chome 9-10 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 530-0047 Shoufuku BLD 3F Japanese Address: 〒530-0047 大阪府大阪市北区西天満6-9-10 商福ビル 3F Opening Hours: 24 Hours (Hotel Health is 10:00~24:00) High-End Hotel Health in Osaka (Escort) Review Love - Review

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Love: Store Review

Store Staff: ★★★★★ (5/5 Stars)

On my first visit to Love, I was extremely surprised at how formal proper the staff were. The explanations were all very polite and detailed. It had been a while since I last went to a ‘higher-end’ Hotel Health in Osaka. But thinking about it properly, the store is a part of the Dearest Group and customers do fork out a bit more for a Health course so I shouldn’t be surprised that the staff are trained well. Also, there were no scary bouncers and when negotiating. It is only you and the staff behind the reception desk. No stress at all. In addition, the night of my session, I had been drinking with friends and rushed into the store right last minute before the store closed. However, they were very cooperative in making things work for me.

Facilities: ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

The store may be on the outer skirts of the Hotel Health district, but the store is definitely easy to find. It is still only 5-7 minutes away from Izumi no Hiroba, and the fact that it is away from the main roads makes it a lot easier to walk into. Especially at night, there isn’t much foot traffic so you don’t have to be conscious of being ‘seen’. The store itself is very well maintained and clean. As soon as you step off the elevator at the 3rd floor you are directly in front of the reception desk where instead of ‘Panel Photos’ the staff shows you the current menu on a computer screen. (Being even the slightest bit more digital are massive points in my books). The waiting room is an open space with 8 luxury leather seats and a widescreen TV playing Japanese TV. A lot more ‘classy’ than some of the rundown waiting rooms you will find at cheaper Hotel Healths in Osaka.

Room/Hotel: ★★★☆☆ (3/5 Stars)

From what I was told, Love pretty much has alliances with all the love hotels in the surrounding Togano area. It all depends on the time and day and how busy the love hotels are at the time you go in. They will make sure to shuffle you around. However for reference, on my first time visiting Love, my 2 other friends and myself were all booked at Hotel Ceeds. I had been to Hotel Ceeds various times in the past and it is the run-of-the-mill love hotel. About a 5 minute walk from the Love store, and it is actually back in the direction closer to Izumi no Hiroba. The hotel itself is very popular for Delivery Health services and their customers. To be honest, it is a regular love hotel room. To point out a few things, the hotel lobby looks flash but the rooms aren’t exactly the cleanest, and the room’s lighting is a tad bit dim for my liking. But that’s just me being picky! The next time I go to Love, I am sure I will end up at a different love hotel.

Course Prices: ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

For a higher-end and ‘quality’ Hotel Health service in Osaka, I think the general course prices are definitely reasonable! If you are paying for service in which you know you will get a high quality girl, then I don’t think anyone would really complain. The admission fee of ¥2,000 may be a little high when considering the average is ¥1,000 but to make up for this the available add-on options seem to be a lot cheaper in general! Only ¥2,000 for a big vibrator and ¥8,000 for anal fuck, which on average is usually always more than ¥10,000 at other stores! Now when it comes to nominations, as I mentioned above the SLC girl prices are really expensive, and depending on the popularity and level of the girl you can expect to pay ¥1,000~¥9,000 extra to nominate a girl. I personally don’t see this as a negative thing. And I think it really depends on your motives and own opinions when it comes to paying for sexual services. I like going to both cheap and expensive health services and it really depends on the situation (and my bank account) of the night. If you cheap out then you should expect getting a bomb here or there, but for example, at Love if you pay more, you are paying for guaranteed quality.

Love: Osaka Bro’s ‘Play’ Review

So now we have reached the most important part of this review! As I said above, it had been a while since I had been to a ‘higher-end’ Hotel Health and I went in with high expectations. (I had a few backfires at other cheaper health stores in April). I had been eyeing up Love and other new stores in the Dearest Group for a while now and I was excited as hell. On the day of the dirty deed, I had actually been out with 2 other Japanese friends on the town. One of these friends had never been to a Hotel Health in Osaka before. So on a slightly drunken momentum, we decided to hit up Love. My other friend and I wanted to give our Hotel Health noob friend a night he wouldn’t forget. And we all happened to choose the 65 minute course with an extra ¥5,000 fee for nomination.

My Chosen ¥5,000 Escort

Love completely exceeded my expectations. The girl I had chosen was absolutely stunning. Young, sexy and extremely fashionable. She looked exactly like her panel photo and was wearing the promised stockings and high heels. For guys that love ass, legs, and feet, you would drool like I did. Inside the hotel, she was very talkative, charming and new exactly how to lead a guy through the course. There was no time-wasting and she definitely didn’t slack at all. As soon as our ‘Play’ had started she was really proactive in adding that extra bit of flare to the session. Kisses, touches and a lot of body movement. She definitely wasn’t a starfish and definitely not the boring ‘suck and finish’ service. We had turns taking initiative, and on her turn, she always tried some new technique. Dry-humping, 69ing and lube fun. To top things off she introduced me to a new dry-humping technique that I had never experienced before. ‘Seijoui Sumata’ which is translated to be ‘Missionary Dry Humping’. I will leave the finer details for another blog post, but overall I felt that the extra ¥5,000 was extremely reasonable for the level of girl and service I received.

Love: In Conclusion

My experience at Love was something really special! I had no complaints and I was fully satisfied with the high quality girl and service I had for my first time session there. And for reference, the other two friends I was with also had an amazing time. 3/3 gems in one night are really amazing odds! I don’t know why I hadn’t gone to Love earlier! But I have definitely become hooked on the store now and will be a repeating very soon. If you want to know more, stay tuned for a more detailed review of the girl I chose coming in a post soon!

Finally the Most Important Question

Is Love foreigner friendly? Yes, it is! Of course, the staff and girls in the lineup will not speak much English at all so having some command of the Japanese language alway helps. However, the store is publicly open to welcoming foreign customers. The only catch is that not all girls are available to foreign customers. But Love shows this clearly on their websites, so as long as you check in advance you shouldn’t have any problems! For example, if you check Love’s City Heaven Page: On some girls in the lineup, there is a section that shows available options as below. If there is a circle on the ‘foreigner friendly’ option then you are good to go! 可能オプション (Available Options) 【○】外国人受付 (Available to Foreigners) To be honest, there are not a lot of girls that have this option so I would recommend you keep a sharp eye out on the weekly schedules and new arrivals!

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