How to Go to Tobita Shinchi from Umeda in 25 Minutes (With Pictures)




January 14, 2022

Ok Bros welcome to Part Two of the Definitive Guide to Tobita Shinchi in Osaka. We didn’t necessarily plan for this guide to be in two parts. However, with so much important information packed into Part One (and the guide turning out so long), we decided to save the ‘How to Go to Tobita Shinchi’ section. And devote a whole post to it. So in the main guide, we went over the system, history and process of being a customer to a ‘Restaurant’ at Tobita Shinchi in Osaka. Now finally let’s go over where exactly it is in Osaka and how you can get there without getting lost! It can be a little embarrassing when you get lost and have to ask someone on the street for directions… So follow these precise directions and you will not go wrong!

Where is Tobita Shinchi?

Tobita Shinchi is located in Nishinari Ward, on the Southern side of Osaka City. On the above map, I have pinned the Tobita Shinchi Cuisine Union Building as a landmark for reference. If you go back and look at the Osaka Bros Tobita Shinchi Map you will get a better idea of the borders of the neighborhood. When looking at the above map you will notice there are many main stations surrounding Tobita Shinchi. All with very simple routes to the area. For example to name a few: ・Tennoji Station: JR Loop Line, Midosuji Subway and Tanimachi Subway etc. ・Abeno Station: Tanimachi Subway etc
. ・Shin-Imamiya Station: JR Loop Line. ・Dobutsuen-mae Station: Midosuji Subway. Depending on the area of Osaka you are coming from, one station might be more convenient than another. For this guide, I will explain the route using the Dobutsuen-mae station on the Midosuji Subway Line. It is one of the more popular routes and one that I personally use myself! Here we go! How to go to Tobita Shinchi - Trains

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Take the Train to Dobutsuen-mae Station

Firstly, from Umeda, you have to take the Midosuji Subway Line (Red Line). It's relatively cheap at ¥230 and the 6th station from Umeda (A 14-minute train ride). The station name is '動物園前' in Japanese for those using a Japanese train schedule app. How to go to Tobita Shinchi - Step 1

Find the Station Gates and Head for Exit Number 2

When you arrive at Dobutsuen-mae station and get off the train, look for the side of the station that has ‘Exit 2’. When you leave the station gates you will be greeted by an area surrounded by a picture collage of animals. (It is the station for the Zoo aye). How to go to Tobita Shinchi - Step 2

Get out of Exit Number 2

As soon as you leave the station gates you will find Exit Number 2 on the right-hand side. Take the escalator as in the above image up to the ground level. How to go to Tobita Shinchi - Step 3

Enter the Dobutsuen-mae No.1 Shopping Arcade

When you get off the escalator you will find yourself in front of the Dobutsuen-mae No.1 Shopping Arcade. You will notice that the entrance has a big sign with a gorilla, giraffe and elephant smack bang on the front. Also, there is a café on the right-hand corner of the arcade with a big sign in English saying ‘COFFEE’. How to go to Tobita Shinchi - Step 4

Continue Through the Arcade

Enter and follow the arcade for a good solid 5 to 10 minutes depending on your walking speed. During your walk, you will find that at one point, the arcade ends and leads directly onto the No.2 Shopping Arcade. Also, you will find that you will pass a Super Tamade (スーパー玉出) supermarket. This is a good sign that you are on the right track. How to go to Tobita Shinchi - Step 5

Turn Left at the Panchiko Parlor

A few strides after the Super Tamade you will find a Panchiko Parlor on the right-hand side as in the image above. (Sorry it was closed when I took this picture). You can’t miss it as it is the first Panchiko Parlor you will see as you walk through the arcade. Turn left and go down the street directly opposite this Panchiko Parlor. How to go to Tobita Shinchi - Step 6

Follow the Arcade to the Karaoke Café

After turning left, continue through the arcade to the very end until you see a little café on the left-hand side with a red roof and yellow writing that reads ‘カラオケ喫茶’. Which means 'Karaoke Cafe' in Japanese. How to go to Tobita Shinchi - Step 7

Turn Right at the End of the Arcade

As you reach the café with the red roof and yellow writing, you will find yourself in front of a road. And a pedestrian crossing leading to another arcade. Ignore the new arcade in front of you and turn right. Follow the road a few meters. How to go to Tobita Shinchi - Step 8

Arriving at the Entrance to Tobita Shinchi

As you go for a brisk walk down the road, turn left at the first corner. You will find yourself at the door to Tobita Shinchi and right smack bang on Seishun Street! For an exact reenactment of the above directions and steps, check out the google map here.

In Conclusion

There you have it Bros! A 14-minute train ride from Umeda Station to Dobutsuen-mae and roughly a 6-minute walk from the Dobutsuen-mae station to the doors of Tobita Shinchi paradise. Add 5 minutes for any pointless wandering you might do on the way. So in total, you can be standing at the door of a Tobita Shinchi store in less than 25 minutes! For those that are good at using maps, you may have noticed that once you enter the second shopping arcade you can pretty much turn left anywhere and still find your way to Tobita Shinchi. As long as you make your way down the Dobutsuen-mae shopping arcade (No.1 and 2) you really can't go wrong. But the above is just what I personally use and remember it all by. There are many routes and stations you can use to get to Tobita Shinchi. Let me know in the comments or through our contact form if there is a particular route you would like me to cover!

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