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January 14, 2022



Have you ever heard a Japanese girl fart before? Because I haven't! Back where I'm from, girls can be as bad as guys. Sometimes a tooting bazooka horn if you are with them right after chili tacos. But with Japanese girls generally being so shy, sensitive and cute about everything, I couldn't even imagine something of the like. Now, what would you do if a Japanese girl (or your Japanese girlfriend) let a fart rip right in front of you? You may find it funny, you may feel disgusted or you might be shocked right? BUT for some Bros out there they feel none of the above. Instead, it pushes their buttons in the right way! A while back I posted a blog about an exhibition in Japan that showcased the beauty of Japanese girl's feet. Ever since then I became curious as to what other sexual niches Japan catered for. And I couldn't help but search for something crazier, quirkier and more niche than feet. And I happened to catch wind of one! (Excuse the horrible pun) An event most likely only capable in a place like Japan. An event that showcases Japanese girl's farts!! Japanese Girl Fart - On Stage

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Watching Japanese Girls Fart On-Stage

At the end of this month on October 21st, Lefkada Shinjuku, a live house/event space popular for AV Idol events will be holding a one of a kind attraction. An event that will host three beautiful rising Japanese AV stars on stage with a little twist. The main attraction isn't about watching them get naked, but to watch them let off as many farts as possible! The event is called "美少女のオナラをみんなで聴く会 Vol 1" roughly translated to "Let's get together and listen to beautiful girls farts Vol 1". And is an original event created specifically for hardcore Japanese fart fans. Despite the simple looking agenda, the producers have organized a fulfilling fart-packed show. These beautiful JAV stars will be farting while wearing normal everyday clothes, a swimsuit, a costume and a whole bunch of different types of farts and poses. The producers promise that this event will be a one of a kind event that will "Stimulate your sense of sight and smell!"

The Gassy AV Idol Stars of the Fart Show

Here are the three beautiful JAV actresses that are scheduled to take part in this unique farting event. Japanese Girl Fart - Reno Aihara

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Reno Aihara

Twitter: @reno_aihara Reno is a 28-Year-Old Gal (Gyaru) JAV idol from Gunma Prefecture Japan. Originally she debuted as Karin (花梨) in 2007 and retired from the porn industry in 2009. However, she made her comeback in 2014 as Reno Aihara. Here are some popular AV videos that Reno has starred in: Amateur Gal Creampies RENO Adult Dating. A Married Woman's Threesome Demand Let's Stay Together Forever 4 -The Moment Supportive, True Friendship Transcends Romantic Feelings Japanese Girl Fart - Miu Akemi

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Miu Akemi

Twitter: @miu_akemi0907 Miu is a 24-Year-Old Elegant type JAV idol from Tokyo, Japan. She made her debut in 2016 in the famous 'Magic Mirror Bus' AV series and is a rising star to look out for! Here are some popular AV videos that Miu has starred in: Office Ladies In The Early Afternoon - Clouded Passed-Around Breaking In Miu Akemi Horny Cheerleader 2 "Show Me Your Ass Outdoors And Beg For My Cock" Shame Exhibitionist Submissive Wife Begging For More Gets A Compulsory Creampie!! Akemi Miu (24 Years Old) Japanese Girl Fart - Meru Iroha

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Meru Iroha

Twitter: @irohameru Meru is another recent debutant from Tokyo, Japan. Being a baby-faced 20-Year-Old at only 142 cm's tall she took the 'Loli' (Petit) industry by storm. Here are some popular AV videos that Meru has starred in: A Beautiful Girl Who Doesn't Even Understand The Meaning Of Sex... "We're Not Doing Anything Naughty, Right...?" Meru Iroha The Perfection Of A Woman Who Likes Chubby Men Over 43 The New Female Teacher Was Caught Shoplifting She Was An Anal Virgin, But Now Her Ass Was Deflowered In A 2 Hole Creampie Fuck Fest Meru Iroha   Japanese Girl Fart - Paradise TV

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Fart Fan Favourites in Japan

Reno Aihara, Miu Akemi and Meru Iroha, the three JAV stars of the event aren't new to the fart fans of Japan. Last August, the trio starred in an adult tv show called 第2回 クイズ おならで答えて!~目指せ!海外旅行 roughly translated to 'Fart-to-Answer Quiz Show! Win a Trip Overseas!' on 'Paradise TV' an adult cable network. Another crazy and quirky Japanese adult TV show to add to the list. But in this program, the trio competed in a fart quiz battle that replaced a buzzer button for a fart. To put it simply, they had to fart to be able to answer a question! Of course, most people can't control their farting powers freely, so they had some help. 'Farting Pros' would get these girls to eat a bunch of sweet potatoes, meat packed rice bowls and put them in weird but erotic poses to get their internal gases flowing in the right direction. In the program, the girls, unfortunately, couldn't rack up enough farts to answer and win a trip overseas. So produces made the program into this upcoming live event! Giving these girls another chance to entertain their fans.

Event Information and Details

・Date: October 21st, 2017 (Saturday) ・Start Time: 6:30 PM (Doors open at 6 PM) ・Admission: ¥3,000 (Door Sales ¥3,500) ・Place: Lefkada Shinjuku (LEFKADA新宿) ・Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, 5-12-4 Shinjuku Building B1 For diehard fart fans, sex niche lovers or Bros who are curious and just want to see a Japanese girl fart, this is the event for you! You can make an online booking here at the Lefkada ticket website. However, just as a reminder, on top of the admission fees, event-goers must purchase at least one drink (¥500) during the event! As of now, there hasn't been any new information released about the contents of the event. Only that the show promises that Reno, Miu and Meru will be farting "to the limits of their intestines". But if the event will be as crazy as the original 'Fart-to-Answer Quiz Show', the audience is bound to have a fart-fun night!

Side Note: The Farting Niche in the Japanese Porn Industry

I knew there are Bros with a pee and poo fetish. But I had no idea there was a niche for the in between. Funnily enough with a following big enough to make a live event such as this "Let's get together and listen to beautiful girls farts Vol 1", there seems to be an ongoing demand for this kind of sexual play. And if this is volume 1 then it means there's going to be a volume 2 in the future! Just like I did for the Foot Fetishes in Japan post, I did some snooping on the net for the 'farting' genre and was totally surprised to see a huge amount of content! (A quick warning, due to the nature of 'farting' some content is bored-line on scat so if you aren't interested don't look!) Here's what I found after a quick search. Fart-Themed JAV Movies: Just on a quick search I found 180 AV video titles with a theme of 'farting' on one of the biggest internet porn stores in Japan. Here are the Top 3: 1. Would You Like To Smell Some Girl Farts? 2. This Is The Way These Ladies Fart 3. May I Fart? Kanon Kuga Farting Option with an Escort: One of the many Hotel Health Escort services in Japan with an S/M Bondage theme that has 'farting' on the list of options. In addition to paying for non-intercourse sex acts, clients can pay to have their escort fart. Natural farts are apparently free, but artificial farts made with the help of an air enema costs ¥1000. A Truckload of Videos on Porn Hub: Just for shit's and giggles (once again excuse the pun) here is what pops up if you search 'Japanese girl fart' on Porn Hub.

In Conclusion

Now I'm sure the fans of Japanese girl's farts are divided into the 'Smelling' side and the 'Watching/Hearing' side. But as you can see there is a big demand for something as simple as Japanese girls farts. I have watched a lot of JAV porn and I thought I had seen it all, but this one was a definite curveball. If this event isn't your cup of tea, stay tuned! I will keep an eye out for more events like this and the Feet Exhibition. Maybe I will find something to tickle your fancy next!

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