Calling Foot Lovers: A Must See Exhibition Dedicated to Japanese Girl’s Feet




January 14, 2022



We all have certain preferences, tendencies, and tastes in what we find sexually attractive about women. Sometimes to the point where it becomes our fetish. In the body parts category, you could be a boobs guy for example. Even a legs guy or an ass guy. These are just a little general. Dig deeper down and you may find you have a more particular even embarrassing fetish. Personally, I can say if I had to choose something I would say I am inclined to be picky with girl's and their feet. Any other bros out there with a foot fetish? Here’s something cool that might interest feet lovers in Japan. Exhibition Dedicated to Japanese Girls Feet - Promotion

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A Photo Exhibition Dedicated to Japanese Girls Feet

In the second half of August 2017, a unique photo exhibition will showcase 100 photos purely of the soles of Japanese girl’s feet in Tokyo. The exhibition is named ‘Anoko no Ashiura Shashinten’. When directly translated it means ‘That Girl’s Soles’. The photos feature a number of famous models such as Kokona Yuzuki and Hitomi Mitsui taken in a variety of outfits and locations. Of course, all featuring their bare feet. It is the first ever exhibition of its kind to be held in Japan and will be open to the public only for a limited time. The exhibition will open on ‘Hadashi Day’ meaning Barefoot Day, August 14th and will close on August 20th. Note: Barefoot Day isn’t a holiday or anything. It was created by the Japanese Sports and Body Meister Association to encourage Japanese to exercise more without shoes. In hope of increasing awareness of natural health. The day was set as 8.14 because the date sounds like ‘Hadashi’ in Japanese. 8 is (Ha) 1 is (Da) 4 is (Shi).   Exhibition Dedicated to Japanese Girls Feet - Reason

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The Background of the Exhibition

“Having a good look at the underside of a girl’s feet may even be harder than getting a chance to look at her naked body”. This is a comment by the photographer of the exhibition, Yuki Yuzawa. Through his photos, he wanted to portray the untapped beauty of girl's soles and in a way expose a part of the female body that is usually hidden from us guys. He wants people to feel the sexiness, softness and seductive 'cheerfulness' that can only be found in girl’s feet. (Not exactly sure what he meant by cheerfulness but guys with a foot fetish you get the picture). Exhibition Dedicated to Japanese Girls Feet - Info

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Exhibition Information and Details

・Open Dates: August 14th, 2017 to August 20th ・Open Times: 11:00AM to 8:30PM ・Admission: ¥500 ・Place: Yellow House ・Address: Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi Hisamatsucho 3-1 The venue, Yellow House is actually an old house renovated into an art space gallery. With this art exhibition, guests are asked to take their shoes off at the entrance so they can relax and enjoy the art in a ‘Barefoot Style’. Just like the girls in the photo's they will be looking at I guess! If you are in Tokyo and you have a foot fetish, or just ‘an interest’ in girl’s feet make your way down to the exhibition! Of course, you are out in public in broad daylight so it’s nothing exhilarating to get you into 'that mood'. But it looks like an interesting experience to be able to see a fetish you have turned into a form of art.

Side Note: Foot Fetish and Worship in Japan

Just like any other country in the world, Japan has it's niche groups of guys and girls who love feet (Sexually and non-sexually). There are tonnes of Japanese AV porn dedicated to foot jobs and foot worship. But I actually haven't had the chance to poke around the public communities. So just for shits and giggles I did some quick research and this is what I found! (NSFW) Ashiura Hihoukan: It looks like a personal blog run by a female. She shares her own feet photos on the net and even sells them in sets on the net. Ashi Fechi Net: A big curation site focused on gathering as many foot images of current Japanese celebrities and idols. XCream: An online shop selling photos of amateur models and their feet. I don't know if I would pay for pictures, but I can see there is a market here in Japan. I can totally relate! There is nothing better than a pair of groomed, soft and sexy feet on a beautiful Japanese girl!  

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