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January 14, 2022

Alright Bros, welcome to the first review of a whole bunch I have for Hotel Health services in Osaka. In this post, I will review the Hotel Health ‘Panchira JK’ store. It's a reasonably popular school girl themed hotel health/delivery health based in the Umeda area. Before I get to my personal comments, I will go through a bit of general information about the store, the concept and what is included in the service. Most importantly a detailed break down of the course prices, for those Bros on a tight budget. I have a funny feeling that the image below is intriguing enough, but even if you aren't a big 'school girl' fan, have an open mind and maybe something might awaken inside of you! Osaka School Girl Hotel Health Review Panchira JK Concept

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Panchira JK: The School Girl Concept

The concept of the store is blatantly obvious I know! Nothing complicated about hot Japanese girls in uniform. On first sight, it may look like a general and very cliche school girl theme. However, this store has a tiny twist. For those that understand Japanese, you may have noticed this in the store name. In Japanese, ‘Panchira’ means ‘Upskirt’ and ‘JK’ is an abbreviation for 'Joshikousei', meaning High School Girl. I think you get the picture right? This hotel health is one of few that actually puts effort into granting all of your weirdest and most secret Japanese high school girl fantasies. Not just send you a girl wearing a school uniform. On top of providing a variety of realistic school girl role play fun, Panchira JK specializes in catering for Bros with a panty, upskirt, voyeurism (whatever you choose to call it) fetish. If any of the above floats your boat you can definitely be assured that you are in the right place. Afterall, their slogan on their official website is ‘NO PANTY NO LIFE’! Here's the Store Bio from their website. Roughly translated (and adapted a little for context) it says: “The Newest High School Girl Sensation in Kansai!” “The smell of a high school girl. That miniskirt is just constantly teasing you.” “Do you wanna peek?! smell?! and touch?!” “Make your wildest wishes come true! Come and try out our New Sensation Health Service, where you can experience the best of cute high school girls. Checkered miniskirts, white blouses, cardigans, we have it all.”

Panchira JK: The Lineup of Osaka School Girls

Osaka School Girl Hotel Health Review Panchira JK Girls

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Once again this is a gimme, and obvious from the theme of the store, but at Panchira JK you will generally find a large range of younger girls. There are girls literally fresh out of high school at 18 or 19, and the older selection is in their mid-20s. But in general, the daily lineup will usually consist mostly of girls between 18~22ish. In regards to the types of girls, I wouldn't go as far as to say the girls fit in the 'lolicon' genre. But judging from the store lineup they are selling the shy, naive and innocent look with a dab of school girl sexiness. So you would expect to see a higher percentage of the stereotypical young Japanese 'kawaii' cutesy types. But the older girls can't be overlooked! Despite being in the older tier, you can expect to get a baby face girl or one that just looks extremely good in a school girl sailor-type uniform. With age comes experience right? There are bound to be a few kinky older school girls somewhere in the bunch. If you are looking for elegant and sexy this store selection is probably not something that would excite you. But if you prefer young, supple and 'cute' girls, you would most likely find a girl that would tickle your fancy. Osaka School Girl Hotel Health Review Panchira JK Service

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Panchira JK: The Service and System

As I stated above, Panchira JK is all about creating and fulfilling your naughty Japanese high school girl fantasies. In addition to all the regular Hotel Health service and options, your girl can re-enact certain situations or act out a particular setting if you desire. For example, she could act as a schoolgirl being groped on a train or even pretend to be a student and you a teacher in a forbidden relationship. Heck, she could even act like it's her 'first time' and be all coy and embarrassed. If you aren’t a fan of roleplay situations then your girl can focus on foreplay fun that involves her panties. Such as dry humping (Sumata) or 'face sitting'. The most interesting service, however, is the optional ‘Peep Photo’ and ‘Original AV Video’ courses. These courses are exactly as the name suggests. For each respective course, you are allowed to take photos and videos of your girl (from the chin down) with your smartphone. I am guessing this course stemmed from a high demand for guys wanting to take upskirt photos of amateur school girls. Obviously illegal in real life, so in a way, the store provides somewhere to vent that desire. During these courses, you can get your girl to role play out a situation while you snap away. Or you can just downright create your own homemade Japanese AV porn movie. And, to put icing on the cake, all courses come with the free option of ‘生パンツ持ち帰り’ where you can take home the panties your girl was wearing! Osaka School Girl Hotel Health Review Panchira JK Course

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Panchira JK: The Course and Costs

*These were the prices at the time I went. They are subject to change. Service Fees ・Admission Fee = FREE! ・Change Fee = FREE! (If you didn't panel choose a girl and opted for a random choice) ・High School Uniform Cosplay = FREE! ・Lay on your Girl's Lap = FREE! ・Used Panty Takeaway = FREE! Regular Course (レギュラーコース料金) ・70min = ¥14,000 ・100min = ¥21,000 ・130min = ¥30,000 ・190min = ¥40,000 ・Extension per 30min = ¥10,000 ・Panel Choice Fee = ¥2,000 Peep Photo Course (盗撮&痴漢コース料金) *Regular Course + ¥3,000 ・70min = ¥17,000 ・100min = ¥24,000 ・130min = ¥33,000 ・190min = ¥43,000 Original AV Video (動画盗撮&痴漢コース料金) *Regular Course + ¥5,000 ・70min = ¥19,000 ・100min = ¥26,000 ・130min = ¥35,000 ・190min = ¥45,000 Course Add-on Options ・Ear Cleaning = ¥500 ・Handcuffs = ¥1,000 ・Rim Job = ¥1,000 ・Vibrator = ¥2,000 ・Fishnet Stockings = ¥2,000 ・Masturbation (Watch her) = ¥2,000 ・Garter Belt = ¥3,000 ・Pissing = ¥3,000 ・Big Vibrator: = ¥3,000 ・Massage Wand = ¥3,000 ・Facial Cumshot = 5,000 ・Swallowing = ¥5,000 ・Anal Fuck = ¥10,000

Panchira JK: Location and Access

The Panchira JK store is smack bang in the center of Hotel Health District in Umeda. Only a few streets apart from the main bar, club, and restaurant strip 'Higashi Doori'. The nearest stations are Umeda Hanshin or Higashi Umeda Station. To get to the store, the easiest route is to go underground and find a famous area called Izumi no Hiroba (泉の広場). Then, exit the station from the M14 exit. From here, it is only a brief 3-minute walk. After stepping out of the exit, take a right at the first intersection with a Sukiya on the corner. Follow the road and take a left at a love hotel called 'Hotel Manhattan'. You should find the Tokiwa Leisure BLD (there is a big sign with Tokiwa Leisure Centre written in blue) on your right. Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and the entrance is the door on your left! If you need better directions, check the above map or use this Access Video Guide the store produced as a reference! Note: The store is only a road or two from the main road, and very near local businesses and restaurants. When you are walking to and from, you are definitely out in the open for everyone to see. So for some reason you don't want to be seen, be ninja! English Address:  11 Toganocho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu 530-0056 Tokiwa Leisure BLD 3F Room 301 Japanese Address: 大阪市北区兎我野町11-13 トキワレジャービル3階301号室 Opening Hours: 9:30 AM to 12:00 (Late Night) Osaka School Girl Hotel Health Review Panchira JK Store Review

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Panchira JK: Store Review

Store Staff: ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

The store staff have been great so far. No problems at all with the customer service and surprisingly very thorough when you ask about the pricing. There is usually only one guy at the store counter, and no scary bouncer-type guys so the atmosphere is less intimidating and more casual. Making phone reservations is also very simple and free! Also, for any recommendations I have received from star so far when selecting a girl have been spot on. It seems like they keep their word and I haven't experienced any unnecessary butt-kissing or trickery yet.

Facilities: ★★★☆☆ (3/5 Stars)

The store itself is very convenient and relatively easy to find. But the bad side is that it is located in a very open and busy part of the area. There are a lot of regular people walking by so for Bros who get paranoid about being seen, some 'looking over your shoulder' discretion may be required. When you get inside the store, like I said above the front desk consists of one cramped counter and the waiting room has 6 semi-private cubicles. The store itself is a little run down, but it has a really casual atmosphere which might help those who get nervous during the grueling wait. Unfortunately, there isn't a vending machine or anything inside. But there is a big screen TV that is constantly playing schoolgirl AV porn to keep you occupied.

Room/Hotel: ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

So far there seems to be a variation of two love hotels that this store is partnered with. The first is Taiyuji Temple Hotel which is only a 30-second walk from the entrance of the store. Don't get much time for before-service chit chat but very convenient! The hotel room itself is on the smaller side, however, definitely up to standard and approximately only ¥1800. The other variation is Hotel Ef. Compared to the Taiyuji Temple Hotel, this hotel is an extra one or two-minute walk. But it has a selection of much larger rooms. Overall just more luxurious in general with expensive (looking) lights, furniture, and bathroom/bath. Therefore the room price is on the higher side of the scale at approximately ¥2600.

Course Prices: ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

One word for you here. Cheap! Compared to a lot of other stores with a similar school girl or young girl theme in the same area, the prices are very reasonable. Usually, for a 70-minute course, you would expect to be charged at least ¥16,000 minimum. Even if it is a small difference, ¥14,000 is a bargain! In addition to the reasonable courses, fees that usually cost ¥1,000 to ¥2,000 such as the admission fee and reservation fee are all free. The same goes for course options such as cosplay and panty takeaways which are usually from ¥1,000 to ¥3,000. But you get them free too! There is just one small catch. For the popular girls in the lineup, there seems to be an extra fee if you panel choose them. It is normal for a store to have a ranking for each of their girls and increase the price in the order of popularity. It is completely normal, but my only concern was that this extra fee wasn't stated on their website. So the first time I went I was surprised to get slapped with an extra ¥1,000 fee. It's still cheap, I just wanted to know beforehand.

Panchira JK: Osaka Bro's 'Play' Review

Okay now here is the most important part of this review. But firstly, to be honest, personally, I am not a crazy fan of school girl uniforms or even panties. I like them as much as any normal guy would. But for me, it isn't a necessity to get my mojo on. The main reason I chose to go to this store was to haul myself out of the usual hotel health routine. In a way get a breath of fresh air and experience something new. Usually doing something like this backfires on you, but Panchira JK definitely exceeded my expectations. The first time I visited, I was welcomed by an absolutely stunning girl. She looked exactly like her panel photo and I couldn't help but believe that the store was somewhat trustworthy. On the following numerous occasions, I experienced the same. I got what I chose and I made sure to choose the cute girls. The percentage of hitting home runs is so far at 100% and in a way is frighteningly high. Of course, the level of hotness is decided by my own standards, but I think getting what you expect is one of the biggest pros of this store. Of course getting a hot chick every time was like paradise. I thought nothing could top it off. But on the occasions I went, each girl I spent time with was very talkative, professional and customer focused. They were good talkers, quick to set things up and not waste time and before anything got started they ask you questions about what you EXACTLY want during your time together using a survey. And they definitely tried their best to answer all my needs.

Panchira JK: In Conclusion

Absolutely no complaints whatsoever! And to top everything off, the photo and video courses are just a ball of erotic fun! I took a risk and tried a store that usually isn't on my radar, but it completely paid off. The store, concept, service, and girls were all top notch. I became a repeater quick! If you want to know more, stay tuned for a more detailed review of one of the girl's I chose coming in a post soon!

Finally the Most Important Question

Is Panchira JK foreigner friendly? Yes it is! But to an extent. According to the staff, they are not publicly promoting as being foreigner friendly. But they do welcome foreigner customers. As long as you have a decent command of Japanese to get through reception. Also, there are certain girls that are open and some not open for foreign customers. You need to check in advance! If you are worried about your Japanese skills and need a wingman, feel free to drop your Bros a line on our Boys Night Out page. Don't be shy! Maybe we can help you out!

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