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January 14, 2022

With the start of 2018, we are happy and proud to bring you the first ever 'guest post' on Osaka Bros made by one of our loyal readers, Carl from Osaka. Carl was searching for a decent massage parlor in Osaka when he decided to contact us on our new foreigner friendly 'Adult Service' platform Osaka Escorts. It must have been fate or something as the first store that we listed on the site was a Men's Massage Salon called Men's Esute Tamanegi (More stores coming in 2018!). He was intrigued by our directory service and decided to make a reservation and give it a go. After his session, Carl was quick to let us know how everything went and was kind enough to come up with this awesome review in which he shares the experience that he had! Thanks again Carl! You are a bloody legend. Without further ado, here is Carl's Men's Esute Tamanegi experience!

My Journey to Find a Quality Massage in Osaka

A few weeks ago I went to a random massage shop while walking near a place in Namba, Osaka. Long story short, I stepped out of that place feeling an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction and regret. I’m sure many of you have experienced feeling rushed, hustled, and overall just unwelcomed. From that day on, I decided to do some proper research and choose more wisely. The shit experience that I had from the place in Namba had pushed me to go on a journey for something of more quality. That is when I decided to try my luck at Osaka Escorts.

The Lead-Up

Being an avid reader of Osaka Bros I was really stoked to learn that the team had developed and released Osaka Escorts, a platform for foreigners looking for more adult-related fun in Osaka. Luckily for me, the first store they had up in their beta version directory just happened to be a massage service in Osaka. As soon as I entered the site, I knew I was going to find the quality massage that I was searching for. The pictures of the girls available on the site were gorgeous, elegant, and all with tight bodies - Just my style. The site lists their body types and characteristics so not only do you get a good visual representation of how they will look, you get to imagine what their personalities are like. As for the pictures, they actually reminded me of girls on Japanese AV sites, so I was pretty excited to try this out.

Making My Reservation

I wanted this one girl in particular: Kaoru. There was something about her picture that enticed me to choose her. Thus, I clicked a few buttons which lead me to get in contact with the guys at Men's Esute Tamanegi. We exchanged a few emails about how to go about this service. I gave them a time and a day which I could meet. However, I had to match the schedule of the girl that I wanted and it lists this on the site. Setting this up was pretty easy. The guys at Men's Esute Tamanegi were very punctual with communication. They were also very open to any questions I had about the services and prices. They explained that the store had 'Massage Rooms' located all over Osaka and recommended me to use the Tanimachi 9-Chome room. After my reservation was finalized, the store sent me a confirmation of my request and detailed instructions on the processes involved. Including directions on how to get to the 'Massage Room'. When you’re thinking about services like these, the shittiest feeling is getting lost and missing your appointment. But everything was easy to understand and I was pumped and looking forward to the day.

Arriving at the Massage Room

On the day of my reservation, I made my way to the massage room in Tanimachi 9-Chome. After a quick 5 minute walk from the station, I arrived at a fancy building which was actually a residential apartment complex. Something very different from your normal 'Massage Parlor'. The store had informed me beforehand that the building had an auto lock entrance and that I had to first dial a room number (given to me on confirmation of my reservation). Then Kaoru would open the front doors allowing me to move up to her room. So, I dialed the number and without words, I got access. I was impressed because this gave me a sense of privacy and exclusiveness. This cut the awkward feel and time waiting in a waiting room in normal massage parlors. I’m the kind of guy who likes to keep my perversions on the down-low, especially since my kind of work requires me to meet a lot of people. I just don’t know when someone I know will approach me out in public, even in Japan. So being that it was a normal residential area gave me a nice sense of security.

And the Journey Begins

Anyways, going up the elevator and through the corridors, I rang the doorbell of the designated massage room. Alas, Kaoru opened the door for me. Wearing a sleek and sexy black dressed which exposed her goods. I found myself in a clean and modern Japanese apartment and immediately felt comfortable. She prompted me to enter the room and to sit down. Before the service starts, you will have to sign a form which explains the rules, all in Japanese. Me not knowing much Japanese, I quickly signed. However, when I told her I couldn’t read or speak Japanese, she said it was okay. She just said, “No touching, please. I will touch you”. Completely fair enough as it is a massage service. The customer can just relax and let go while being in the hands of a beautiful Japanese woman.

The Service

First, she started to run the hot water in the tub and I was directed to take a shower. I made sure that I was nice a clean for her. Unfortunately, she didn’t join me but it felt good that there was a girl waiting for me, so I didn’t want to keep her waiting. I got out of the shower, dried up, and walked into the room wearing only a towel. I then laid down and she took my towel off. It started. She started to pour oil on my back. While she was doing so, with a soft and calming voice she asked where I was from and what I thought about Osaka with an adequate amount of English. I didn’t mind talking. I was lying on my stomach, so I couldn’t see her, but as she was rubbing my body, the feeling was pleasant. She started from my legs and worked her way up. The most interesting part was the ass massage. This was the first time I felt this and it was better than I had expected. Then she prompted me to lift and bend my leg.

Getting a Lymph Massage

This type of massage required her to touch the innermost side of my leg, super close to my goods. She said this was a 'lymph' massage and to my surprise, this tickled me in ways unimaginable. It felt like I was jizzing, but not jizzing. For some reason, this kind of massage is something that everyone should experience once in their life. After a moment she told me to flip over. And this is when it got a little personal. She continued to rub close to my crotch which triggered a full-on boner reaction. I got to see her tits hanging out and everything as she was bending, leaning toward me, and seductively looked at me with a smile. At this point, her dress was up enough that her panties and ass was exposed. There is nothing better than getting a bit of eye-candy even if you are getting a regular massage. And as soon as I knew it a timer rang and my hour was up. Tamanegi Service Review Kaoru

Kaoru (かおる): 5 Point Service Review

Looks ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

With a massage service, personally, a masseuse's face isn't exactly the most important thing. And many stores don't show therapists faces on their site. So it was a little difficult to have expectations. But I was well pleased with what I got. Like it is stated on the site, Kaoru was a Japanese beauty, leaning towards the cute-type.

Body ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

Her body was curvy and sexy. She was wearing a short black dress which went up whenever she went on her knees while massaging me. I wanted to see way more but I understood that this was just massage.

Communication ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

She did a good job of communicating with me with little English and made me feel comfortable. I felt relaxed to be in her care. I thought her speaking in a cute Japanese tone made the experience. If I didn’t understand something, she would help me move my body. This is how it’s supposed to be done!

Foreplay ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

Although there wasn’t any actual foreplay, I’d definitely say that she was able to seduce me very well with her body and the way she moved. I also didn’t feel rushed and felt a connection with Kaoru, my masseuse. Also, her touch and the seductiveness of how she rubbed my body definitely gave me a hard-on. It left me wanting more of her after, but I know that I’ll be back.

Service ★★★★★ (5/5 Stars)

As I said earlier, Kaoru was good at making me feel comfortable and at home. The service was in a private setting so it felt really close and intimate. Compared with other massage services, I didn’t feel rushed. I thought that this service really reflected the high-quality service that can only be found in Japan. Although it’s just a service, I could feel that Kaoru was putting all of her effort and heart into rubbing my body. You can easily feel this when you try it out.

In Conclusion

Overall, for just a massage, it was probably the most sensual massage I have had up to date. In the beginning, I mentioned that I went to a massage parlor in Namba, and mind you, it was an establishment that was not run by Japanese people. I felt super uncomfortable and the atmosphere felt dirty and cheap. On the other hand, Men's Esute Tamanegi provided a clean space where I could feel at ease. The room in which you will lay on a futon had a nice romantic feel to it as well. Just you, the girl, and your dick out. There are no distractions so you can fully immerse in the overall experience. Although I didn’t get any form of sex, I was amazingly satisfied with such quality and care that Kaoru and Men's Esute Tamanegi provides. Those of you who just want to experience high-quality service which is sex but not sex, I suggest coming here. As expected, a Japanese service can’t be beaten. Here is the very simple pricing structure that I paid. ・60 Minute Massage Course ¥13,000 ・Therapist Nomination Fee ¥1,000

The Last Important Question

Would I repeat? Sure will! As I have said multiple times, the very private and personal experience I had with Kaoru and Men's Esute Tamanegi was exactly what I was looking for. Somewhere to get some genuine and sensual massage and TLC after a tiring day at work. For those who are looking for a service with a sexual result such as a health service, this may not be your first choice. However, it may serve as a good way to mix up your night out. Get a sensual massage before you go full power at a hotel health. Or even go after to wind down the night. Either way, you will not get this type of massage anywhere expect a massage parlor. And if you have even the slightest interest, I gotta recommend Men's Esute Tamanegi!

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