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January 14, 2022

A few weeks before, I posted a store review for Panchira JK, an awesome Hotel Health store in Osaka. I outlined the general store information, concept and fees, and all the bits and bobs about the store's system. I have gotten incredibly picky over the years, but this store ranked highly in my books and I just had to share it with the Bros! So, in this post, I will go more into depth and review the service I received on my visit to Panchira JK. Most importantly, I will provide a detailed account of how my experience went with my chosen Panel girl. Note: If you don't know what a Hotel Health in Japan is, first check out our Red Light District in Japan Guide to get filled in quick! Note 2: If you just want the Review on the beautiful girl I had, scroll down to the 'Service Review'. Ready? Let’s get into it!

My First Visit and Why I Chose Panchira JK

Firstly, for those who haven't read the store review, I am not exactly a crazed fan of the high school girl concept. Or cosplay, or upskirts for that matter. I like them just as much as any other regular Bro. The main reason for my choice was simply because I wanted to venture out and try something new. So I decided to go for the schoolgirl fetish. And for the sake of getting my money's worth, I chose the most schoolgirl-ish one possible! In the past, I had already done the run through a number of schoolgirl themed stores (and themed stores in general) before. So it wasn't anything new. But what really intrigued me the most about this particular store was its range of 'interesting option' courses. In particular, the 'Make your own DIY AV Porn' courses in which you could take snapshot photos and even take videos of your 'encounter' with your Hotel Health girl. Now, this pushed the 'dirty bugger' buttons in my head! I am sure all Bros have made their share of homemade porn videos before, so you have to know what I mean. But on top of this, a Hotel Health with a photo AND video option is quite the rare find.  There are a number of Delivery Health services that provide these services, but for a Hotel Health, I can only come up with a select one or two in the Osaka area. So obviously, I was amped and had to give it a go!

The Lead-Up

On D-day, I spent a bit of my lunchtime going through the store’s roster analyzing each girl's schedule. As I said above I was looking to try either the photo or video option courses. So I had to sift through each girl's profile focusing my search on option availability, rather than hotness. On websites such as City Heaven, I had to check the Q&A section of each profile to see which option a girl could and couldn't do. On the main Panchira JK homepage, I would look for an icon indicated by the camera or video camera icon on each girl’s profile. It was a tedious effort, going through each profile one by one. But on this particular day, I found a 19-year old girl that stood out called ‘Ui’. I made sure to check her photo diary and found a good number of ‘real’ looking snapshots. So I quickly called up the store and was lucky enough to make a reservation for the early evening.

Arriving at the Store

One hour before my reservation, I made my follow-up call. Note: When you make a reservation at a Hotel or Delivery Health, even Soapland, most of the time you will be asked to call the store one hour before your reserved time. This is just a general reminder to let the store know you will show up. 30 minutes before my booked time I headed to the store and made sure to arrive early as it was my first time. Upon arriving at the entrance to the store, I wasn't quite sure if I was in the right place. The door looked more like an entrance of an old snack bar and not a Hotel Health store. I opened the door and was immediately greeted by the staff standing at the front desk with girl's panel photos laid out. Thankfully, I was in the right place. I gave my details, name and reservation time to the staff who confirmed the girl, course, and options that I had chosen. I was given a member’s card to keep and ushered into the waiting room in the back of the store.

The Wait

The waiting room was a medium-sized square room with 6 cubicles. Not exactly the most private waiting room as each cubicle was wide open for anyone to see. On this visit, there were 3 young Japanese guys waiting before me. They seemed like they were there as a group so I kept to myself and sat down in the cubicle at the very front. Unfortunately, there was no vending machine so I couldn’t chill with a coffee. But instead, I just gazed at the schoolgirl porn that was continuously being played on the big screen TV at the front of the room. It was a little bit awkward with other guys watching in the same room. But it beat watching boring Japanese TV that I couldn’t understand. One by one the younger guys were called up. After 25 or so minutes, I heard the front door open and a female voice at the front desk. It was my turn to be called up. I was directed out of the store to the elevator, where the girl I chose was waiting for me.

The First Meeting

As I exited the store I met ‘Ui’ who greeted me with a sparkling smile. She was a cute, slim and young girl wearing Japanese schoolgirl uniform with a beige sweater and red-pleated mini-skirt. All covered up by a dark coat. But most importantly, she was gorgeous! and she looked exactly like her profile and photo dairy pictures. My mind wanted to yell out ‘WOOOHOO’ but I kept my shit straight. We got on the elevator together and finished off the routine introductions. When we reached the ground floor, she guided me in the direction of the love hotel. At that point, she had wrapped her arms around mine and was holding on to me very closely. Through my extensive experience with Hotel Health stores, I had only met a few girls that would bust out the service from the get-go. It was particularly rare for someone so young too. But it was a nice change. The only problem was that even though she was wearing a coat, her school uniform was blatantly visible! I wasn't expecting to walk hand in hand with a schoolgirl (legal-aged girl just wearing a uniform of course). The image of getting pulled up by a cop did cross my mind. But luckily, the booked love hotel was Taiyuji Temple Hotel which was only a minute walk from the store. When we arrived at the hotel, she confirmed our reservation and I made the payment of ¥1,800 to the automated cash machine. We got our keys and made our way up to our room.

The Pre-Service Process

When we arrived at the room, I sat down and made myself comfortable as she went through the pre-service process such as calling the store, filling the bath and what not. She was very quick in setting things up which was a plus in my books. Once all the prep-work was finished she asked me to relax as she pulled out a survey sheet. Now, this also was something very new to me! She confirmed my chosen course and options, and also asked me very detailed questions on 'What I wanted from her service'. Things like whether I wanted to take the lead or let her take control. If I wanted her to reenact a roleplay situation or not. Even checked if I liked or disliked kissing, dry-humping and lotion. A very quick survey but very thorough. But most importantly, we went through how I wanted to go about the DIY video option. I'm not the best with roleplay situations so I told her to keep things on 'normal'. But she was understanding of my mission to catch as much sexy and dirty things on record as possible. After having a little more chit-chat. We got ready to jump into the shower. I'm not a sex novelist or anything, so I will skip what happened in the bedroom. But here's my overall account on the amazing night I had. Panchira Service Review Ui

Ui (うい): 5 Point Service Review

Looks ★★★★★ (5/5 Stars)

It was my first time at Panchira JK, so I tried to keep my expectations low. However, I was over the moon at the jackpot I scored with Ui. Her looks blew me away. Like I said above, I was happy enough that she looked exactly like her store profile picture, but she was absolutely so much cuter than I had expected. And she fitted the store's concept well. Cute, baby-faced and incredibly sexy in a schoolgirl uniform. Without a doubt the hottest Hotel Health girl I have had in the past year.

Body ★★★★★ (5/5 Stars)

Body wise she was very slim, petite with a very tight and compact figure. She had a well-balanced body with meat just in the right places. Just what I was after. It may be from because she was still young, but her body was in pristine condition. Flawless skin, a tender body and pink nipples and 'down below'. On top of this, I could tell she looked after herself. She was trimmed cleanly down below and had clean nails and decent teeth. (Yes I am meticulous).

Communication ★★★★★ (5/5 Stars)

As I said above, Ui was 'friendly' from the second I met her. Throughout the whole time we had together (excluding the busy in bed part) she was very open for a chat. She was just a sweet and bubbly girl that was happy to make and keep a conversation. I found out things like she was studying to be a nurse and that she had plans to go to Disneyland on the next big holidays. There wasn't a moment of awkwardness at all. Unfortunately, she doesn't speak English so everything was done in Japanese.

Foreplay ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars)

She is definitely a pro at buttering a guy up as a GFE. She would sit next to me and lay her head on my shoulder, hold my hands and give me hugs. Sometimes it did feel I was in a Kyabakura hostess club or something but she knows how to turn someone into jelly with her charms. Even during the Pre-Service Process, I got hugs and kisses here and there. To be honest, sometimes it did feel like she was trying to win me over, so I book her again. But hey, I wasn't complaining.

In-Bed Service ★★★★★ (5/5 Stars)

She was fantastic. Her techniques weren't over-the-top like some veteran Hotel Health Girls, nor was she inexperienced. Just right in the middle, and the perfect 'amateur' experience. She is an 'M' (Likes not being in control) by nature so I could have my way with her bits and pieces. Not to mention she moaned in the cutest way. (Even if was fake, it was realistic to let me enjoy my time). Now here's the most important part, the video option. For her own protection, during the recording, she would cover a certain part of her face. Her eyes or sometimes her mouth. Fair enough. But either way, she was sexy and dirty as hell. She was 100% receptive to my demands and needs. I could ask for a blowjob, get her into a nasty pose, and even get her to play with the dildo I paid as an option. I was enjoying myself but she made sure she enjoyed it too. And I got it all on camera. Then finished in her mouth. Booyah!

To Rounds Things Off

What more is there to say really. My review says it all. Some Bros out there might be thinking that a near-all 5 Star rating can't be true. I am picky. Actually, I am very picky so personally to giving a Hotel Health girl such a high rating is very rare. I have a whole bunch of more 'less-positive' reviews coming up so you know I'm not talking shit. But you definitely need to take my word on this one! Anyway, here was the overall amount I paid for my spectacular time with Ui. ・70 Minute Original AV Course ¥19000 ・Dildo ¥3,000 ・Panel Choice Extra Fee (For being a popular choice) ¥1,000 ・Love Hotel ¥1,800 So in total my encounter this round cost ¥24,800. Was it worth it? Fuck Yeah!

The Last Important Question

Would I repeat? Damn straight I would! and funnily enough, I already have... lol The only problem is Ui comes and goes from the roster list. (Many Hotel Health girls, quit and come back over and over again). All of her profiles have been deleted from net except this one. But there is a good chance she'll be back!. I hope so anyway! So if you are looking to experience what I did, keep an eye out on the Panchira JK official site. I definitely am! If you are interested in giving Panchira JK a shot, but clueless on what to do, feel free to drop your Bros a line on our Boys Night Out page. Even if you just want to ask a question!

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