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January 14, 2022



Japanese porn is world class with an annual grossing of more than 500 Billion Yen. The massive AV idol (Adult Video) industry is said to produce more than 20,000 films per year. With about 55 videos produced per day, there’s just no easy way to choose a favorite actress  … Not to mention, the constant flow of new AV idol debutants being added to the mix every day. But don’t worry! You can find a yearly overview of who’s the top Japanese AV idol on the scene by checking out the yearly DMM Adult Awards! Note: I know it’s been a few months since the actual awards were held... Better late than never right! So, here you go guys, maybe even use it as a reference for next year! Top Japanese AV Idol DMM Awards

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About the DMM Adult Awards (DMM.R18) is one of the biggest online adult content sites on the net. This AV porn mega monster site caters for streaming, rentals and an online DVD shop for the majority of adult videos released in Japan. In 2014, DMM decided to gather and hold a contest to honor the top talent in Japanese AV idol industry by establishing the DMM Adult Awards. The DMM Adult Awards actually originated from a different contest, the AV Grand Prix held in 2008/2009. Through this revival in the form of the new DMM Adult Awards, it is one of the first times that an adult contest has transformed into such a gorgeous spectacle. The event is held in a hall venue in Tokyo and is filled with fans, has a red carpet and even performances by music artists. Just like the Emmys.

How Top AV Idols are Nominated

The timeline from nomination to the actual event spans approximately 6 months. From December (of the previous year) up until February, DMM considers the number of titles, the number of searches, sales and overall popularity of AV idols with titles featured on their site. By March, AV idol nominees are selected and the start of voting is made public in April. The nominated AV idols are divided into two different award categories. One is the ‘Best Actress Prize’ and the other ‘Best Newcomer Actress Prize’. During the voting period, fans who have a DMM account all have the right to vote for their favourite AV idol through an online poll. Top Japanese AV Idol Award Title

DMM 8 Award Categories

In addition to the main prizes of ‘Best Actress’ and ‘Best Newcomer Actress’ there are 6 other sub-categorized prizes awarded at the event. Here is a brief overview of the 8 awards the top AV idols are fighting for. Best Actress and Best Actress Runner Up Awarded to the top and runner actresses with the most internet and event venue votes. Best Newcomer Actress and Best Newcomer Actress Runner Up Awarded to the top and runner newcomer actresses with the most internet and event venue votes. Special Award Awarded to the actress who made a special contribution to the AV Idol industry throughout the year. Media Award Awarded to the actress who was most featured in newspapers, magazines, and printed media throughout the year. Hot Topic Award Awarded to the actress who was a hot topic and caused a stir in the AV idol industry throughout the year. Special Presenter Award Awarded to the actress chosen specifically by the presenters of the event. Like a bonus prize. On an extra note, there is also a production award ‘Best Works Prize’ which is separate to the individual awards. This prize has three categories and is awarded to the AV idol who starred in the top streamed, purchased and rented video titles of the year. DMM Adult Awards 2016 Nominees

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19 Top Japanese AV Idol Nominees for 2017

Now enough of the boring explanations! Here are the 19 beautiful Japanese AV idols that were nominated for the 2017 DMM Adult Awards this year. If you are interested in seeing who they are in more detail click their name. I have linked their promotion videos to check out!

Nominees for Best Actress:

Nominees for Best Newcomer Actress:

And the winner of 'Best Actress' in 2017 was........

Top Japanese AV Idol Yua Mikami

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Top Japanese AV Idol Queen for 2017

For the 2017 DMM Adult Awards, Yua Mikami took the crown prize for ‘Best Actress’! This 24-year-old from Nagoya, Japan has been one of the most consistently popular Japanese AV idols since her debut in 2015. Originally a former member of the all-girl idol group SKE48, she was of course ‘hot’ but never had her chance to shine. But, her 2015 career change from idol to AV idol pornstar sparked instant popularity. In recent years, there is immense competition and lack of recognition in the world of pop idols. So difficult that there is now a trend of pop idols jumping ship to the adult industry. These career changes are always met with hyped up expectations from the entertainment world. Not to mention, idol and AV idol fans alike. However, in many cases, it would always lead to great disappointment. Idols would be cute from afar, but when they stepped up and took their clothes off they were never anything special. BUT, not with Yua Mikami. It is obvious that she is one of the few idols turned AV pornstar that has lived up to the hype. Her looks, body style, and erotic aura have been highly praised by fans and the AV idol industry. With her debut AV title ‘Princes Peach’ giving her instant fame and truckloads of fans, she received the Best Newcomer Actress Prize in 2016. You can tell that her popularity carried on after now receiving the title of Top Japanese AV idol in just two years! Two Top AV idol prizes in consecutive years. Congrats! Top Japanese AV Idol Yua Mikami Titles

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Yua Mikami's Popular Work

If you haven't seen any of her videos before check out my top 3 videos here! You will most likely understand why she is so popular. You can check them at an English version of DMM below. Also, be warned the following links are NSFW.
  1. Princess Peach Mikami Yua
  2. S1 Dengeki Iseki 4 Jikan x 4 Honban Special
  3. Kaikan Mikami Yua
Also, for those who are curious, here are the full results of the 2017 DMM Adult Awards. Runner Up for Best Actress Prize: Asuka Kirara Best Newcomer Actress Prize: Shoko Takashi Runner Up for Best Newcomer Actress Prize: Miharu Usa Special Prize: Mikako Abe Hot Topic Award: Kaname Otori Media Prize: Kana Momonogi Special Presenter Prize: Sora Shiina Top Japanese AV Idol for 2018

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Top AV Idols to Look out for in 2018

To be honest, all of these nominated AV idols are amazingly beautiful, popular and most of all, good at what they do. They will definitely stay in the top-tier of Japanese AV idols for the next couple of years. Not to mention, they are all young so they won't be going anywhere soon. If I had to pick one, I would suggest keeping tabs on Kaname Otori. For me, she isn’t the most beautiful out of the 19 nominees list. However, her background is something that sparked a lot of interest in myself and the wide AV industry. Kaname Otori originally came to fame in 2016 as a YouTuber! Her youtube channel ‘Kaname Channel’ focused on cute and sexy videos showing off clothes and cosplay. In a period of just 3 months after starting Youtube, she gained instant fame as a ‘Hot’ YouTuber. In the same year, she made her debut AV Idol Actress! Something you don’t hear often right? A YouTuber turned into a pornstar! Anyway, I hope this post helps organize your brain the next time you are rummaging through a Japanese porn site. Keep an eye out on Yua Mikami and the other nominees for their next new releases! You know you won’t be disappointed.

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